Japanese Gaming Consoles & US Power Supply?

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Japanese Gaming Consoles & US Power Supply?

Postby Reddy Player Won » Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:22 pm

I've pretty much talked myself into buying a couple Japanese gaming consoles. Yeah, I know all about modding and will probably still do it on occasion for PAL games and English patches and such. But mostly, I want to kinda stick to authentic gaming and get away from mod chips, iso files, exploit trick, etc. Also, as a collector, the idea of buying a few Japanese consoles appeals to me - especially for something like the PS2, which had quite a few limited edition console variations released only in Asia.

Anyway, I expect at least a few people on here have owned import gaming consoles. My question is, did you have to do anything out of the ordinary to plug the power supply into your American outlet. Google mostly says that Japanese electronics can be plugged directly into US outlets without damaging anything. Japanese electronics run off 100V. US electronics typically run off 110V. Supposedly, the difference is small enough not to cause any major issues.

Other googled sites say I need to buy a stepdown transformer. Haven't priced those yet, but some sites imply they are quite pricey.

So... do I need to pick up any equipment or can I plug a Japanese PS2 and Dreamcast directly into a surge protector and power up?


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