The New Structure (and Rules) of the E-Fed Forum

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The New Structure (and Rules) of the E-Fed Forum

Postby C-Drive » Tue Oct 06, 2015 4:22 pm

Let's get this out of the way first - we're going to be dropping the individual sub-forums.

They got a little unwieldy. We had a ton of them, some which were used often, some which were used never. You had to dig deep into a lot of them to find content for each of them, and I don't think that helped a lot of them in the end. So going forward we're going to be working from a different angle. Alongside those reasons, I think sometimes this content might be better kept in a personal blog or website as well, somewhere "off a forum" where no sort of crash can make years of alternative histories go away in an instant. You can then cross post the content here to the forums or link members to it.

Each E-fed will be allowed two threads, and these two threads can be refreshed for each calendar year:

  • Discussion
  • Shows

Please use a standard naming scheme for your threads to make finding content easier. Something like the following would work best:

  • Center of the Earth Pro Wrestling Discussion
  • Center of the Earth Pro Wrestling Shows

When you have a new show, you can edit the title of your first post to hype it:

  • OG-FPD Discussion - Discussing Omega Road Fallout
  • OG-FPD Shows -"Hand Cat In the Back from the Ded Tour 2017" posted 12/17/17!

Please use your Discussion thread to include your edit packs, roster, and general information, as well as links to your Show thread.

If you want to run everything through a single thread filled with info, shows, rosters, and discussion, we're fine with that too.
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