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WMD:State of ANARCHY / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Sun Nov 08, 2015 8:05 am
by bfx
WMD presents WMDtv. A weekly ( hopefully ) wrestling show broadcasting from what is affectionately dubbed by WMD loyalist as “ Ground Zero “, showcasing the best wrestlers not just from WMD’s roster but as well as wrestlers from other organization. WMDtv is design to be THE alternative for wrestling fans that have grown disillusioned by what is offered by FPCPP management. WMD also produce a monthly ( again hopefully ) “ Special Show “ under the main / working titleWMD: Coup D’Etat.

Main difference with WMD produced shows, is the enforcement of the “ Four Corners “ rule. This rule is to highlight the ring, as the only safe haven the competitors have during a standard match. The referee will only be concern with the happenings inside the ring and will ignore the happenings outside the ring.

This page will act as the hub for both shows only with any discussion / news or RPs at the “ Talk “ page.


Re: WMDTV / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Wed Nov 11, 2015 3:26 pm
by bfx

WMDtv ep#1 CARD
UIG vs Mick Garland

RDX vs Chad Fukushima / PussyKiller

WMD’s Fardem Al Urdunn vs Flippo Jaeger

WMD’s Arshad Shirdel vs WMD’s El Fritzador

Spoiler: show
After weeks of promoting the “ New Element “ that would change the wrestling world, KAOS finally revealed it days before WMDtv’s premier as FPCPP’s ANARCHY Title. WMD resurrected the title and claimed it as their own but instead of giving it to one of WMD’s wrestler, KAOS decided to award the title to a worthy winner at the end of a series of matches dubbed “ The ANARCHY GAMES “. The participants of these games will first have to qualify via preliminary matches. The 1st Main Event of WMDtv will be ANARCHY GAMES prelims between UIG vs Mick Garland. Eisenheim was already named as one of the participants for the games.

The show kicks off with PussyKiller calling out RDX. PK demanded they have their match earlier without consulting his tag partner. RDX agreed and they gave PK and Chad Fukushima their second lost. The defeat saw both Chad and PK parted ways with PK knocking his former partner out with a punch.

Next match sees two of WMD’s young guns square off against each other. Arshad Shirdel faced his tag partner El Fritzador. Fritz got the victory. At the end of the match, both shook hands as a sign of respect.

Next, WMD’s Fardem Al Urdunn faces another young wrestler who impressed everyone with his victory over SkullTrauma, Flippo Jaeger. The match ends with Jaeger continuing his winning run with a win over Fardem.

MAIN EVENT. Apart from being billed as the 1st ANARCHY GAMES prelims, it is also hyped as the return of the Anarchy title’s originator / creator, UIG. Taking his first step into reclaiming the title. The first roadblock in his path is Mick Garland. They fought tooth and nails trying to get the victory. Mick had the advantage when UIG got cut opened but that didn’t stopped UIG from fighting back. Despite losing blood, UIG showed his resilience and refused to stay down. It took a Dirt Nap in the center of the ring to finally end the match. Mick Garland won the match and qualified for the ANARCHY GAMES. Mick showed his respect for his opponent by also raising UIG’s hand and helping him to the back.

WMDtv ep#2 CARD
RDX vs Space Monkey Mafia
( if RDX wins, Eisenheim forfeits his spot in the games. If Eisenheim wins, RDX must disband )

ANARCHY GAMES Preliminary match
Joey FNK vs Vulcan Vesuvius

WMDtv Open Fight night
Ogopogo vs Lou Czar
Spoiler: show Ogopogo vs Lou Czar ANARCHY GAMES Prelims Joey FNK vs Vulcan Cesuvius MAIN EVENT: RDX vs Space Monkey Mafia

Spoiler: show
During the week, initially it was announced that Vulcan vs FNK would be the Main Event for ep#2 but it was changed after RDX accepted Eisenheim’s challenge with added stipulations. Eisenheim sees RDX’s win against Chad/PK as act of bullying and this match is a way for him to stand up for the “ victims “

The show kicks off with KAOS calling out the tag teams of Children of Liberty, ELITE and Pitbulls. These teams are also involved in the ANARCHY GAMES prelims but they will be competing as individuals not as a team and for the prelims, they will have to fight each other. However, KAOS is giving one of the teams an opportunity to enter the games together by facing another team instead of each other. The luck of the draw goes to Koji Ke’Oke and Scorp, The Pitbulls.

With the draw out of the way, out comes the first match of the night. KAOS issued an open challenge to anyone who wants to fight. Out comes Lou Czar and Ogopogo. The two goes at it with Ogo going over. Ground Zero were in unison cheering for Ogopogo.

Next match sees what was supposed to be the original Main Event of the night. It’s no secret that both competitors weren’t happy after being dropped down the card, especially Vulcan. Vulcan took out his frustration on Joey FNK to book himself a spot in the ANARCHY GAMES.

MAIN EVENT. With a lot at stakes, both RDX and The Mafia went at each other. Both teams clearly wanted the win. The match could’ve gone both ways with both teams not pulling their punches and hitting everything in their arsenal. The deciding factor in the match was a Superflex on the WarMachine by Eisenheim. This rocked X and left him open to Eisenheim’s Komaplex that knocked X out. This victory, billed as an upset, left a bitter taste in WMD as not only did RDX was forced to disband, WMD also lost their WarMachine to injuries. Despite the loss, Athrin and X still maintained their respect for each other.

WMDtv ep#3 CARD
MAIN EVENT: ANARCHY GAMES Preliminary match triple threat
NSL vs DHCGuy vs Kazuo Saji

ANARCHY GAMES Preliminary match
ELITE FACE OFF: Tyler Alexander vs The Chon

ANARCHY GAMES Preliminary match
The Pitbulls vs WMD’s Andrei Nasenko / Bojanov Dano
Spoiler: show ANARCHY GAMES Prelims Pitbulls vs WMD Bull / Andrei ANARCHY GAMES Prelims ELITE FACEOFF The Chon vs Tyler Alexander

Spoiler: show
During the week, FreedoM and Justice, The Children of Liberty withdrew from the ANARCHY GAMES Prelims. They believed that the match where they are forced to face each other are just a ploy to disrupt their team’s harmony.

The show kicks off with the Pitbulls facing one of WMD’s newest powerhouse tag team. If both Koji and Scorpio Kid overcome this hurdle, they will earn spots in the games. As expected, the match was a furious hard hitting stiff fight. Koji scored the win for his team. However, the talking point from this match was the argument between the WMD team. Both Andrei and Bull had to be dragged to the back by their handler, Ms Rania.

Next is another ANARCHY GAMES Prelims match. The most anticipated match on the card. Dubbed as the “ ELITE FACE OFF “ as both ELITE member faces each other for a spot in the games. Before the match, Tyler got on the mic and took shots at Children of Liberty. Tyler claims that ELITE will show that their bond as a team is stronger but both will give their all for the spot. ELITE did just that. Both Tyler and Chon nearly killed each other in the match. They went on for more than an hour before Tyler rolled up The Chon unto a steel chair for the win. End of the match sees Athrin comes in and helped both Tyler and Chon. The Raging Demon calmed things down between the two. ELITE showed their unity by celebrating Tyler’s win together along with Athrin.

The match used up the remaining TV time that forces the Main Event off the show.

WMDtv ep#4 Card
Main Event #1: ANARCHY GAMES prelims Triple Threat
NSL vs DHCGuy vs TBA

MAIN Event #2: ANARCHY GAMES prelims
Flippo Jaeger vs Chad Fukushima

WMD’s Pyro vs Ogopogo

Azteca Dragon jr / Hijo Azteca Dragon vs Golden Tiger / Kasius
Spoiler: show AZTECA SHOWCASE WMD Pyro vs Ogopogo MAIN EVENT#1: ANARCHY GAMES prelims Flippo Jaeger vs Chad Fukushima MAIN EVENT#2: ANARCHY GAMES prelims Triple Threat NSL vs DHCGuy vs ???

Spoiler: show
During the week, it was announced that Kazuo Saji have withdrew from the ANARCHY GAMES prelims match. This decision was made by Kazuo’s management in order to maintained a good relations ship with FPCPP’s Authority. This has left a void in the Main Event spot. KAOS assured the fans and the remaining competitors that it will still be a Triple Threat match. However, the final opponent will only be revealed before the match.

In a move aimed at Matsuki Holding, WMD has reached out to one of their business affiliates and offered a spot on the card. What we have was an awesome showcase from Azteca Pro. Represented by tag teams of Azteca Dragon jr and Hijo Azteca Dragon as well as Golden Tiger and Kasius, the match was in a way meant to preview Azteca Pro’s own upcoming show. Both tag teams delivered with the team of Azteca Dragon jr and Hijo Azteca Dragon coming as victors.

WMD’s representative in the ANARCHY GAMES, Pyro requested for a “ warm up “ match prior to the games as he is the only participant in the games that haven’t been in the ring leading up to the games. Pyro was given what was believed to be an easy opponent in Ogopogo, but the Extra Terrestrial Monkey gave Pyro an unexpected fight. However, Pyro still scored the victory. Despite the loss, the fans in Ground Zero gave an extremely positive reaction to Ogopogo, who has become a fan favourite.

Next is the show’s co Main Event, ANARCHY GAMES prelims match between two of FPCPP’s young wrestlers, Flippo Jaeger and Chad Fukushima. The two showed great potential which warrant both of them this opportunity. Jaeger and Fukushima went after each other straight away, both going for the win. It could’ve gone either way until PussyKiller showed up. A known rival of Fukushima, PK went straight after chad. Due to the “ Four Corners “ rule, the referee just let PK and Chad brawled outside the ring. He only called for the bell after PK attacked Jaeger. PK continued his attack which left both Jaeger and Chad bloodied and in need of medical attention.

The final Main Event, the match originally scheduled for ep#3 will be officiated by KAOS himself. The match begins with only DHCGuy and NSL, with no sign of the third participant / opponent. Their opponent finally revealed himself after two minutes into the match. It’s Kramer. The match finally turned into a proper Triple Threat match, an all out war. Emotions got the best of NSL and Kramer as they both started to brawl outside and into the fans. KAOS held back DHCGuy as he assess the situation before calling for the bell. NSL and Kramer continued their brawl and had to be separated.

The show ends with unresolved decision for both Main Event.

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Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2016 3:12 pm
by bfx
WMDtv EP#5

Spoiler: show
The ANARCHY GAMES prelims were finally over with the final spot for the games was claimed by DHCGuy. His victory in the Main Event, was at the expense of his two opponents that got side tracked with finishing each other instead of finishing the match. Both NSL and Kramer, who was the replacement for Kazuo Saji, took their fight from the ring to the locker room. They’ll continue their fight tonight.

In the other Main Event, Chad Fukushima and Flippo Jaeger were denied their opportunity to fight for the Anarchy Title after they were brutally attacked by Pussy Killer. Armed with a barbed wired bat, PK first attacked Chad outside the ring before going after Jaeger inside the ring. The DQ victory was awarded to Jaeger but it cost him the spot in the games. Both Chad and Jaeger are looking for retribution.

WMDTV, in establishing a working relationship with AZTECA Pro, showcased two tag teams from the organisation. The exciting match was won by Azteca Dragon jr, and El Hijo de Azteca Dragon.

The show opens as usual with the camera scanning the fans in Ground Zero. The arena erupts as WMD’s theme is played and the fans in unison recites Jack Nicholson’s Joker’s line. This brings out KAOS flanked by Mistress Bedlam to the ring. KAOS took the mic and welcomes everyone to the show. KAOS claims that tonight’s show will be an historical event in wrestling history. He explains that tonight will mark a few first for WMDTV. They will have their first show with “ certified “ officials. We can hear the fans booing. They know that the new team of match officials was a decision made by the network which WMD had to agree. KAOS insincerely tried to convince the fans that the new additions will help improve the show.

KAOS also points out that tonight’s show will be the first match for the much anticipated ANARCHY GAMES. Bedlam hands him a black bag. KAOS takes out the Anarchy Title and drapes it over his shoulder. KAOS explains that tonight will be the beginning of a very long journey for 8 individuals. At the end of their journey, they will claim the Anarchy title. KAOS points out that the ANARCHY GAMES is meant to be a game of choices. With each choice, it could either help or hinder their journey for the title. KAOS explains that only winners have the privilege to make that choice and carved their own destiny. KAOS announces that the winner of tonight’s Main Event will decide his tag team partners in a four on four Main Event at WMD’s next special show WMD: Coup D’Etat.

KAOS also announces that tonight’s show will have it’s very first title match and claims that by end of the match, WMD will have their first title. The title on the line is the Interpromotional Championship. Out comes MPW’s Toxik to the ring. KAOS had a few words with Toxik before leaving the ring. The PA calls for his opponent representing WMD, Arshad Shirdel.



Spoiler: show
As Toxik celebrated his victory in the ring, out comes Monstar’s Ogopogo. Ogopogo, who has quickly becomes a Ground Zero fan favourite, climbed into the ring and confronted Toxik. The fans were chanting Ogopogo’s name. The Extraterristerial Monkey points to Toxik’s belt and motions for it around his waist. Ground Zero erupts with YES chants as Toxik nods in agreement to Ogopogo’s challenge. Ogopogo left the ring very excited. Toxik spent a few moments to celebrate with a small section of MPW fans in attendance before leaving to the back.

The next match is a debut for one of WMD’s newest recruit. Story has it that he is a fan of KAOS when WMD’s De Facto voice was still known as Ebon Order’s psycho, Omega. That fandom turned into an obsession as he witness Omega slowly transformed into KAOS. He consider himself as KAOS’ disciple. He will endure a baptism of fire as he’ll face one of WMD’s nemesis, ELITE’s The Chon.

#88 ( WMD ) vs The CHON

Spoiler: show
The Chon had a quick celebration before leaving the ring. Upset with his lost, #88 chased after the ref around the ring and to the back.

The next match is continuation from ep#4’s Main Event. The two combatants loved to fight so much that they throw away the chance to win gold. Both made comments in the media wanting to face each other. Tonight is their chance to finish what they started at ep#4.


Spoiler: show
Both NSL and Kramer were surprised and upset that the ref called for the bell to end the match and declared a time limit draw. Both were not ready to end the match and are wanted to continue fighting despite they have medics looking at NSL’s injuries. The fans agree and wanted the match official to let them fight. KAOS and the senior match official, Mr Refkin came to the ring to get a decision. KAOS wanted to see them fight but Mr Refkin decided not to allow it following the advise from the medics considering NSL’s bad cut. The fans unhappy with the decision, KAOS wasn’t happy with the decision, both NSL and Kramer weren’t happy with the decision.

To calm things down, KAOS announced that both NSL and Kramer will again face each other at WMD: Coup D’Etat but this time there must be a winner. Both Kramer and NSL still upset with the match’s outcome but decided to agree on the match. Kramer left the ring first followed by NSL who was still being attended by the medics.

Note: During the match, camera noticed someone sitting with fans, specifically the MPW fans. This person causes a little commotion as the fans recognises her despite her new look. Not sure if the security personnel are aware of her.
Image Image
For the record, WMD, namely KAOS, had previously issued her an “ advice “ to stay away from WMD related event for her own protection.

It’s now time for tonight’s Main Event. As announced earlier, this match will be the first match in the ANARCHY GAMES series of matches. It is a WMD rules Battle Royal, elimination will be by either pins, submission or over the top rope. The last man standing will decide on his tag team partners in a 4 on 4 tag match at WMD: Coup D’Etat. The PA calls out for the participants.

First out, the winner of the last WMD rules Battle Royal match, which just happens to be for the first spot in the ANARCHY GAMES, Eisenheim. Next, Mick Garland, then WMD’s own Pyro. Followed by Vulcan Vesuvius. It’s clearly every man for himself as both Koji Ke’Oke and Scorpio Kid came to the ring, separately. Next up, ELITE’s Tyler Alexander and finally, the last man to qualify for the games, DHCGuy. Everyone in the ring as well as the fans in Ground Zero, anxiously wait for the bell.


Spoiler: show
Mick Garland watches on as Eisenheim celebrated his win before going to the back. KAOS slowly climbed into the ring. KAOS insincerely congratulates Eisenheim on the win. It is the third time that Eisenheim got one over on WMD. The WMD loyalist booed the man who causes RDX to be disbanded. Despite that, KAOS still needs to get Eisenheim’s choices as his tag team partners for WMD: Coup D’Etat. Before he could answer, KAOS was attacked by someone with a steel chair. That same someone was the one shown sitting at ringside with the MPW fans. Apparently, she jumped the barricade, climbed into the ring and hit KAOS with a steel chair, first to his back before straight to the face.

The show ends with a shot of KAOS, face covered in blood, struggling to sit up. His attacker, Spike, stands over him still with chair in hand.

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Posted: Sat Jan 16, 2016 8:33 am
by bfx
We see WMD loyalists make their way into the Ground Zero arena. They have been buzzing in anticipation for the first “ sanctioned “ Special Event produced by WMD. This is WMD:CoupD’Etat. The card has been booked to showcase some of the best in professional wrestling, PERIOD. And the centrepiece of this showcase, is the ANARCHY GAMES. Tonight will be special for fans in attendance as WMD:CoupD’Etat will not have one ANARCHY GAMES Main Event but TWO ANARCHY GAMES Main Event. The fans are excited to see who will Eisenheim choose as his tag team partners. Any combination could either enhance or jeopardises his own chances to be crowned the new Anarchy Champion.


starts in




The show opens up with the camera scanning Ground Zero. The fans in attendance start to chant “ We Want KAOS “ as they realised that WMD’s De Facto Voice was nowhere to be seen. As per the norm, KAOS would usually come to the ring and welcomes everyone to the show. Unfortunately, KAOS fell victim to the vicious attack by MPW’s Spike at the end of the last WMDtv. Ground Zero erupted as they hear and in unison finished Jack Nicholson’s line “ ..have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight.. “, the opening to The Rebel Scum’s “ Stairwell “, WMD’s theme. Unfortunately, no KAOS. Instead, we have Arshad Shirdel and El Fritzador coming out to the ring. They will open WMD:CoupD’Etat with a tag match against Azteca Pro’s Azteca Dragon jr and El Hijo De Azteca Dragon.


Spoiler: show
The two teams stands centre of the ring facing each other as the fans showed their appreciation. Both team exchanges some words. The winners extended their hands and after some hesitation, the other team accepted as a sign of mutual respect.

Up next, we have a match between, some would say, two of FPCPP’s least exposed wrestlers in the roster. It’s not that their not good, just that they’re not given any chance under the FPCPP’s administration. Both these wrestlers are looking to change that with a good showing in this match. Here we go, let’s see some action between ELITE’s The Chon and Bullshit.


Spoiler: show
The Chon is determined to make a statement with each swing of the steel chair. Awaken The Dying on the steel chair was an extremely bold exclamation point to that statement. Despite being able to stand up after falling victim to The Chon’s finisher, Bullshit still needed to be assisted to the back. The rest of ELITE, Tyler Alexander and Athrin, came to the ring to celebrate Chon’s victory.

Next is a grudge match between three of the newest wrestlers on the roster. It started with the acrimonious break up of the tag team of Chad Fukushima and PussyKiller. Flippo Jaeger got thrown into the mix after PussyKiller attack him in his ANARCHY GAMES prelims match. Both Chad and Jaeger demanded for PK’s head. As a compromise, KAOS booked them in a tag match facing PussyKiller and a tag partner of his choosing. With PK’s talent of making enemies instead of friends, there is that possibility that it could turn into a handicap match. Unfortunately, Chad and Jaeger aren’t that lucky as PK managed to find a partner in SkullTrauma.


Spoiler: show
After the match ended, PK continued to attack his former tag partner, Chad Fukushima. Both PK and Trauma viciously attacked both their opponents leaving them bloodied.

Spoiler: show
Help comes in the form of a returning wrestler. Ground Zero marked out as they realised the person coming to Chad and Jaeger’s aid is Bai Hu. PK quickly rolled out of the ring. Trauma on the other hand stood his ground and faced Bai Hu. They both brawled and had to be separated by the Arena’s bouncers.
PK and Trauma had to be escorted to the back as the fans reacted negatively to the attack. Both Jaeger and Chad needed medical assistance with Chad Fukushima coming off worse between the two. One question, why did Bai Hu helped them?

The following match comes in place of another match up. NSL was supposed to face Kramer after they fought to a time limit draw on the previous WMDtv. These two have developed a professional rivalry and both are looking to settle the score. Unfortunately, when opportunity calls, you’d be ill-advised not to answer it. That’s what Kramer did. Kramer decided not to take part on WMD:CoupD’Etat and instead chose to fight for the right to challenge for the FPCPP World title. Upset but still looking for a fight, NSL is now facing one of WMD’s toughest soldier, Andrei Nosenko.


Spoiler: show
100 Crack Fist for the victory. Despite the win, NSL is still upset that he is unable to face Kramer. NSL left the ring even before the ref could raise his hand

Next, MPW’s Interpromotional Champion, TOXIK, issued an open challenge to anyone anywhere for his title. WMD opened their doors to the champion and gave him the stage for his open challenge. For his second challenge on a WMD show, TOXIK will face Monstars’ and Ground Zero’s fan favourite, Ogopogo. Ground Zero was all behind the Extraterrestrial Monkey. TOXIK got his work cut out for him.


Spoiler: show
Despite the lost, Ground Zero still cheered for Ogopogo. TOXIK looked around as the fans showed their appreciation towards Ogopogo. TOXIK approached Ogopogo and gave some words of advise before raising Ogo’s hand.

Now it’s time for the 2 part MAIN EVENT. This will be the second match in the ANARCHY GAMES series but the first match where there will be an elimination. All the combatants, climbed into the ring. This will be a 4 on 4 tag team match. Eisenheim was given the liberty of choosing his tag team partners for this match and we expect him to pick a very strong team. Sure enough, Eisenheim chooses Mick Garland, Koji Ke’Oke and Vulcan Vesuvius as his tag team partners. They will face DHCGuy, WMD's Pyro, ELITE's Tyler Alexander and Scorpio Kid, Koji's own tag partner. The first match will go to a one fall elimination.


Spoiler: show
Koji looked on as his tag partner leaves the ring. Eisenheim celebrates his win. Looks like his strategy of teaming up with three of the strongest participant in the games is working to his advantage.

Fans in Ground Zero were rapturous in their response to the first part of the main event. They cheered on the games’ participants as they took a short break before they kick off the second part of the main event. At the same time, medics checked on WMD’s Pyro and tend to his injuries. The ref called everyone to the centre of the ring after Pyro got cleared by the medics. This will be every man for himself single elimination Battle Royal. Whoever gets the victory will get the chance to dictate the next match in The ANARCHY GAMES.


Spoiler: show
Ground Zero, as well as those in the ring, are shocked at what just happened. Everyone knows that anything can happen in a Battle Royal match but honestly no one would’ve expected this to happen. After forcing RDX to split up and putting WMD’s own WarMachine on the injured list, Eisenheim could add eliminating both Pitbulls from the ANARCHY GAMES in one night to his list of accomplishments. He’s on an amazing roll right now. The rest of the participants left the ring as Eisenheim celebrates in the ring to close WMD:CoupD’Etat.


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Posted: Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:59 am
by The_PR_Dragon
Great show, B! Love it! Looking forward to the next event.

Re: WMDTV / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Sun Apr 03, 2016 9:16 pm
by bfx

WMDtv#6 kicks off with visuals of the final moments of both ANARCHY GAMES Main Events matches at WMD:CoupD’Etat as well as the final image of Eisenheim celebrating both his victories and the accomplishment of eliminating both Pitbulls in one night.

The camera opens up with shots of the arena known as Ground Zero. The fans in attendance were loud as ever when they hear WMD’s iconic theme’s intro through the speakers. Ground Zero and WMD’s loyalist cheered as WMD’s De Facto voice made his way to the ring. KAOS soaked up the cheers for a few moments before asking for the mic. KAOS thanked the fans for the reaction before asking for a moment for him to address an issue. KAOS stared straight into the camera and called out Spike. Ground Zero erupted with boos at the mention of Spike. KAOS blamed Spike for him missing the biggest event for WMD. KAOS acknowledges that he started all this and Spike got the upper hand this round. KAOS proposed that both of them settle their issues in the ring and offered WMD’s ring as the place, Spike just need to confirm the time.

With the personal message out of the way, KAOS reminded everyone what happened at WMD:CoupD’Etat. He reminded everyone that TOXIK managed to retain his title. Ground Zero cheered for Ogopogo. KAOS reminded everyone that Kramer no showed his match with NSL which was received with boos. Finally, KAOS reminded everyone of the two amazing Anarchy Games matches of the night. The talking point of that Main Event was the result, the elimination of both Pitbulls in two matches by the same man, Eisenheim. KAOS calmed the booing from Ground Zero and acknowledges the feat. KAOS revealed that the next match in the Anarchy Games will be on the next WMDtv. It will be a tag match. The participants will be placed in the same team for the match in WMD:CoupD’Etat. As winner of the previous matches in the games, Eisenheim will be given the right to move one of the participants into any team. His decision will effectively change the match into a handicap match.

As for tonight’s episode, KAOS announced that tonight will carry a special theme. As an acknowledgement to the number of athletes recruited from the Monster Factory, all the matches on the card will feature at least one wrestler from the Monster Factory. KAOS calls for the first match before leaving the ring.

Out comes two graduates of the Monster Factory, WMD’s Fardeen vs a young Korean wrestler known as the “ DAEBAK Kid “ Kim Yong-sun.

WMD’s Fardeen Al Urdunn vs “ DAEBAK Kid “ Kim Yong-sun

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero cheered both combatants for an entertaining match. Kim Yong-sun had a debut to remember capped off with his DAEBAK-Plex for the victory.

Next up, is another graduate of the Monster factory. Mr KAIJU Yoshida, a Japanese wrestler known for hard hitting offense and big suplexes. He will face an opponent with a similar style in WMD’s Bojanov Deno.

WMD’s Bojanov Deno vs Mr KAIJU Yoshida

Spoiler: show
Again, Ground Zero cheered for another entertaining but stiff match. After the match, WMD’s Bojanov extends his hand as a sign of respect. Despite being initially reluctant, with the fans cheering him on, Yoshida accepted the handshake. Just as everyone thought that the match will end with a show of good sportsmanship, Yoshida grabbed Bojanov as he was about to leave the ring and hits a devastating release German Suplex. Yoshida left the ring with the fans turning on him. Bojanov was not happy with what happened post match. He'll definitely won't forget what happened.

Now, we will have two more graduates from the Monster Factory. WMD’s 88 will face his once former senior from the wrestling school, Geno. A wrestler known as a tag specialist but also worked as a single wrestler earlier in his career.

WMD’s 88 vs Geno

Spoiler: show
It took a “ Bizarro Punch “ to finally put Geno down. Ground Zero showed their appreciation to the heart and fighting spirit of Geno. The multiple powerbombs took a lot out of him. His tag partner, Dana helped him to the back as 88 celebrated his win.

Now for the night’s Main Event. Another graduate of the Monster Factory, WMD’s Andrei Nosenko, will have the opportunity to face one of the biggest name in FPCPP. Andrei will face the man who made his return in WMD:CoupD’Etat when he came to the aid of Jaeger and Fukushima standing up against SkullTrauma and PussyKiller.

MAIN EVENT: WMD’s Andrei Nosenko vs Bai Hu

Spoiler: show
Bai Hu marked his first match on WMDtv with a victory over a fighting Andrei Nosenko who fell to the “ Murderer’s Row “. The show ends with Bai Hu celebrating his win in the ring as streamers being thrown into the ring.


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Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 7:47 am
by bfx
This RP is posted at FPCPP’s RP thread
Spoiler: show
Video opens with darkness. We hear the giggling of WMD’s DeFacto voice in the darkness.

KAOS: Hello my friend.. It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Was wondering when you’d come back.. ( giggle ) I knew it’d took a little motivation to wake you up.. ( giggle ) I told tou.. WE told you.. we said that a little competition is what YOU needed.. ( giggle ) you know what.. you didn’t just get a little competition… ( giggle ) You get THE competition.. you get a Coup D’Etat.. ( giggle ) Our very own take over.. and yes.. ( giggle ) I AM.. We ARE.. taking credit for you suddenly coming back.. ( giggle ) taking credit for you waking up.. ( giggle ) taking credit for everything you’re doing from this point onwards.. from now on.. everything you do.. like this REUNION.. ( giggle ) will be recognised as a counter measure.. to whatever WE do.. and that’s.. ( giggle ) a good thing.. because in the end.. it’s what’s best for business.. now.. tell me my friend.. ( crowd in the background in unison ) have you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight..

With WMD’s theme playing, the light comes on revealing the fans and WMD loyalist going crazy in the arena affectionately known as Ground Zero.


KAOS: All this.. What we do.. is for them ( the fans pop ) they gain the benefit from this rivalry.. so why don’t we take this a step further.. ( giggle ) cause it’s not just a competition.. we’re aiming for a war.. ( giggle ) so let’s shake the status quo… we’re staking our right and claim THE right to compete for your championship.. Tonight.. On behalf of WMD, we’re announcing that we’re challenging for the your TAG TEAM championship.. and no.. NO.. NO,NO,NO.. no, it won’t be just US.. for everyone’s benefit.. we’ll be having a little tournament to determine which team deserve the right to challenge the champions.. and it’s open to anyone.. and everyone in the FPCPP’s locker room, WMD’s locker room.. any locker room.. ( Ground Zero pops )and to give a glimpse of the future.. we will have ourselves a TAG TEAM SHOWCASE with two matches involving four of the first participants in that tournament.. Now without further adieu.. help me welcome.. returning back to this side of the globe.. my family.. Woo and Nas… UNRD.

Ground Zero pops as KAOS meet his “ brothers “ from home, on their way to the ring. They shared a brief reunion before KAOS return to the back. Woo Daddy and Nasty Nas wait for their opponents. Out comes the tag team from Azteca Pro, Golden Tiger and Kassius.

UNRD vs AZTECA Pro’s Golden Tiger / Kassius

Spoiler: show
The medics checked on Woo’s cut as the team from AZTECA pro celebrate their victory before returning to the back. Woo and Nas soaked in the applause from Ground Zero for a few moment before making their way to the back. UNRD had a brief interaction with the next team making their way to the ring, WMD’s Arshad Shirdel and El Fritzador.

Ground Zero start chanting for one of the next combatants. He has already became one of the favourite of the Ground Zero. “ O-GO, O-GO, O-GO “. Ground Zero erupts as the Extraterrestrial Monkey made his / it way to the ring with the Lucha Werewolf, Roux Garroux. The next TAG TEAM SHOWCASE match will be WMD vs the Monstarz.

WMD vs Monstarz

Spoiler: show
After the loss, Garroux starts to go berserk and start to go after both Arshad and Fritz. It took Ogo a few moment to calm the monster down. The Monstarz had to be escorted, guarded to the back by the Ground Zero’s bouncers.

Next up is a debut for one of the newest addition to the show. A mountain of a man that goes by the name Big Bad Shaw. Yes, the “ BAD “ was added to avoid and trademark issue. This giant will go one on one against WMD’s baddest enforcer, Mistress Bedlam.

WMD’s Bedlam vs Big Bad Shaw

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero cheered for the victorious Bedlam. She celebrated as the ref checked on the out of breath Shaw. Without warning, Bedlam delivers a devastating spear that knocks Shaw down and out. Ground Zero erupts as Bedlam goes to the back. The ref calls for assistance to take Shaw out of the ring.

The next match is the MAIN EVENT. It’s the 4th match in the ANARCHY GAMES. It is a tag match. The whole week, the big question on everyone’s mind is what will be Eisenheim’s decision. Eisenheim won the right to decide the fate of the other participants in the games. Eisenheim who has been on a roll with regards to the games has the right to pick and move one of the combatants from one team to another. This will turn the 3 on 3 tag match into a 4 on 2 handicap match.

Tag Match

The first team comes out to the ring. It comprises of Tyler Alexander, WMD’s Pyro and DHCGuy. Next, out comes Mick Garland, Vulcan Vesuvius and Eisenheim. They all stand facing each other in the middle of the ring. Eisenheim stands in front of his team mates. Eisenheim says something inaudible to his opponents. Eisenheim extends his hand out. Ground Zero went crazy with boos as Tyler accepted the handshake. The thought of the two foes of WMD teaming together against one of their own in a handicap match is not acceptable.
Spoiler: show
Ground Zero erupts as Eisenheim pulled a fast one. Instead of taking Tyler into his team, Eisenheim has chosen to join Tyler’s team instead. This turn of events shocked both Mick and Vulcan. Vulcan had to be calmed down by Mick before the match started. Guess, Eisenheim thinks the four smaller men can team up against the two big men.

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero goes crazy as the medics tend to both the combatants. The rabid Ground Zero fans chanted and demanded for more. Looking around the arena, Pyro calls the ref and informs him that he wants the match to continue. The official checked on Tyler’s condition and his agreement to continue with the match. The ref calls for the bell and the 5th match, a Battle Royal 5-way match, takes place as the medics take Vulcan to the back.

Battle Royal

Spoiler: show
Again, Ground Zero goes crazy with boos as the victor took out and eliminated one of their own out of the ANARCHY GAMES. After the exhausting battle, it took awhile before Mick could calm himself down and calls for the mic. He made his decision, the next match in the series will be a normal tag match and he named DHCGuy as his tag partner. Mick leaves the ring with DHCGuy leaving next.

The show ends with Eisenheim and Tyler still in the ring discussing what just happened.

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Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:35 am
by bfx

WMDtv#8 opens with the camera scanning Ground Zero and the crazy WMD loyalists. Ground Zero erupted as the fans in unison finished the intro to WMD’s theme, The Rebel Scums’ STAIRWELL. Out comes WMD’s De Facto voice, KAOS. KAOS got into the ring and greeted the fans in attendance. KAOS acknowledges the passing of one of FPCPP’s and Pro Wrestling’s brightest star. On behalf of WMD, KAOS expresses their sadness with the news and their condolences to his family. KAOS shared that WMD regretted that they never had the chance to have him on any of WMD’s show and never had the chance to work with him before. KAOS calls for a moment of silence as a show of respect.

The bell ends the moment of silence. Ground Zero continued their show of respect by continuing to clap and chant “ Thank You Julian “. KAOS had to take a few moment to calm himself emotionally.

KAOS announces that as a tribute, WMDtv#10 will be dedicated to the memory of Julian Caesaro. KAOS wishes everyone a good show before leaving to the back.

The arena PA calls for the first match. First to the ring is Lou Czar. Next, out comes Geno and Mr Kaiju Yoshida. Both made their debut on WMDtv#6 on the Monster Factory theme show. All three, lost their debut match on WMDtv. Let’s see who will score their first win in a WMD ring.

Lou Czar vs Geno vs Mr Kaiju Yoshida

Spoiler: show
An impressive victory for Mr Kaiju. A barrage of suplexes knocked out Geno for the win. Kaiju seems not satisfied with just the victory as he continue to stalked his other opponent. Kaiju grabs Lou Czar and deadlifts before executing an impressive release German Suplex. Lou Czar lands on his head. Mr Kaiju left the ring as the medics attend to both Geno and Lou Czar.

The next two matches will be the return matches for two of FPCPP’s youngest newest stars. They both were last seen needing medical attendance after their match against the team of PussyKiller and Skull Trauma at WMD:CoupD’Etat. The next match will see Flippo Jaeger face off againsts Geno’s tag partner Dana. Despite his tag match lost at WMD:CoupD’Etat, Jaeger has not yet suffered a lost in a singles match since debuting in WMDtv. We will see if Jaeger can continue his winning streak.

Flippo Jaeger vs Dana

Spoiler: show
Jaeger showed that he hasn’t lost a step with the submission victory. He has clearly put what happened at WMD:CoupD’Etat behind him. Jaeger celebrated his victory for a short while before going to the back.

Jaeger had a brief interaction with Chad Fukushima as he made his way to the ring. The two acknowledges each other and fist bumped as they cross paths. Chad Fukushima was Jaeger’s tag partner at WMD:CoupD’Etat. Rumour has it that Fukushima suffered the worst after the attack by PussyKiller and Skull Trauma. For his return match, Chad will face WMD’s Fardem Al Urdunn.

WMD’s Fardem Al Urdunn vs Chad Fukushima

Spoiler: show
Fardem’s victory over Chad Fukushima was overshadowed by PussyKiller’s attempt to attack Chad post match. Chad managed to grab the steel chair inside the ring and confront PK. PK claimed that all he wanted was to issue a challenge to Chad for a match on the next WMD:CoupD’Etat. Chad replied with another challenge to PK for the match to be under “ No DQ “ stipulation. PK laughed before heading to the back to a chorus of boos. Chad got Ground Zero hyped up chanting “ YES! “ for the match. Chad Fukushima heads to the back with steel chair in hand.

Now, it’s the MAIN EVENT. It’s the next chapter of the ANARCHY GAMES. On last week’s show, the Main Event started with the 4th match in the series, a 4 on 2 handicap match. The team of Eisenheim, Tyler Alexander, DHCGuy and WMD’s Pyro faced the team of Vulcan Vesuvius and Mick Garland. The MAIN EVENT ended abruptly after Pyro knocked Vulcan out with a devastating TigerDriver to a stack of steelchairs on the arena floor. Pyro then called for the next match. The MAIN EVENT continued with the 5th match, a 5 men Battle Royal. Pyro’s decision to continue with the match would cost him as he was eliminated by Mick Garland with a Dirt Nap. With his victory, Mick Garland announces the 6th match will be a tag match and Mick chose DHCGuy as his partner.

Mick Garland / DHCGuy vs Tyler Alexander / Eisenheim

Spoiler: show
The arena was stunned silent as Eisenheim celebrated his submission victory. Eisenheim has already eliminated three opponents in the ANARCHY GAMES and is on a roll. What will happen next in the series and who will end up as the new ANARCHY CHAMPION.

Re: WMDTV / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 9:39 am
by bfx

The show opens with the surround shot of Ground Zero. The fans cheered and sang along the intro to WMD's entrance theme. The iconic voice of Jack Nicholson's Joker with his line from Batman, preludes the entrance of WMD's De Facto voice, KAOS. KAOS welcomes everyone to the show. He explains that tonight's show would be a little different. The past episodes have all been about business and WMD have in most part acted professionally with handling of the shows. KAOS reminded everyone that their objectives ARE to give the wrestling fans an alternative to the decaying FPCPP. Ground Zero and the WMD loyalist in unison cheered " YES, YES, YES ". KAOS pauses for a moment as he soak in the reaction. KAOS continued and says that tonight's episode will not be about " business ", tonight's show will be about WMD getting personal. KAOS claims that in this sport, it is all about respect and professionalism. Wins and losses does count but it's not all that matters. The respect of your peers matter a whole lot in this business. Losing a match does not gives you license to act like a cry baby throwing your toys out of the cradle just because you lost. Of course, KAOS is referring to the big brawl backstage that happened after WMDtv#7 went off the air. The brawl started off between Vulcan Vesuvius and WMD's Pyro. Both have already been eliminated from the ANARCHY GAMES on the same night. Vulcan blames Pyro for the elimination. The brawl got out of hand when other members of both Monstarz and WMD joined the fight.

KAOS revealed that the bad press they've got because of the brawl did not go well with the higher ups of the network. This was received with a chorus of boos. He claims that there were talks about fines, suspensions and cancellations. Again this was received with a chorus of boos. KAOS says that he then gave the network and opportunity to turn this negative into a money making, great for business positives. KAOS explains that tonight's show will be about settling score. KAOS says that in this " house ", they settle their issues in the ring. Tonight, they will have Vulcan and Pyro going at each other in the middle of the ring. And since both of their crew wanted in on the action and make this a gang war, KAOS announced that they will be involve in a gang war, WMD style. Ground Zero gone crazy after the announcement. KAOS calls the match, the GANGWARZ Elimination Tag match. He reminded everyone that this is an official match, not a fight. Failure to follow the rules of elimination will result in a heavy fine. The end of the match should be the end of this issue.

Before he left the ring, KAOS revealed that the winner of last episode's ANARCHY GAMES match, Eisenheim, has already made his choice and the next match in the ANARCHY GAMES will be a triple threat. KAOS made fun of Eisenheim's choice stating that of all the matches that would benefit him, he chose a triple threat. KAOS claims that if he was the one making the decision, he would let both his opponent fight it out in a no DQ match until they both are unable to stand with one of them eliminated. Then he would come in and challenges the remaining opponent for the final match. " Victory would be like.. money( giggles ).. in the bank " he said before leaving ring.

The announcer calls for the next match. First out comes WMD's team. Pyro's crew would be Arshad Shirdel and El Fritzador. The fans cheered for them as they make their way to the ring. Next would be the Monstarz. First out are Vulcan's crew, Ogopogo and the Lucha Werewolf, Roux Garhoux. The fans in Ground Zero still cheered for Ogo despite that he is facing the " Home " team. The mood changes as Vulcan makes his way to the ring. The fans collectively booed him to the ring. The match official, Mr Refkin, reminded both " captains " of the rules before calling for the bell.

Spoiler: show
After the match, Vulcan got back into the ring and attacked both Arshad and Fritz. Pyro managed to dodge Vulcan and countered with his own offense. The two continued to brawl which got the Ground Zero's security team rushing to the ring to control the situation. Despite the increasing number of security personnel coming to the ring, they were unable to stop Vulcan from decimating the three WMD members. Ogo and Garhoux also unable to control their fiery monster. With chair in hand Vulcan delivers shot after shot at Pyro and his crew. Ground Zero stand silent as they witness the carnage. The security team manages to overpower and restrain Vulcan before taking him away.

Tonight's show ends with medics rushing to the ring, attending to all the victims of the attack especially the WMD's warriors. Ogo is seen trying to communicate with a furious KAOS.

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by bfx
WMDtv#10 Caesaro Tribute Show

The show opens with a rather different atmosphere. For the first time, we see Ground Zero very quiet. The show starts with a ten bell salute.

At the end of the ten bell salute, we see Ground Zero applauding. The whole arena clapped and chant “ Thank You, Julian “. The camera pans the whole arena with shots of emotional fans and signs dedicated to FPCPP’s own, Julian Caesaro. Ground Zero erupted with cheers as “ Flashing Lights “ played in the PA . Out comes Bai Hu wearing a purple “ Royale “ T-Shirt. Bai Hu made his way to the Royale theme ring, decked in colors commonly associate with Julian Caesaro, and asked for the mic. This is also a first for WMDtv. The show being opened by someone other than WMD’s De Facto voice. Bai Hu takes his time to compose himself as Ground Zero continue to applause.

Bai Hu: Thanks guys.. you know, when I heard the news.. I, like everyone here, felt the lost.. It felt like an empty void replaced where my heart was.. It felt like my whole world just crumbled down.. You see.. Ceese was not just a friend.. He was a brother.. We’ve been through a lot together.. Lot of stories.. But you know what.. Though the sadness.. I realised that.. Ceese the athlete and Julian the person.. personifies a celebration of life.. through his ups and downs.. he always had this infectious smile.. His presence touches everyone.. friends.. foes.. and you guys ( the fans cheered in agreement )..

Bai Hu: When I first met Ceese.. You could tell, he had IT.. I’ve seen some of the best.. and brightest in this business.. But Ceese.. he was special.. I knew he was going to turn the world upside down.. and made sure his name, ring out.. Now, you know he’s watching us from his Royale Palace up in heaven.. So tonight, we gather here.. To celebrate the memories.. To celebrate the life.. ( looked up ) thank you brother, for sharing it with us.. ( Ground Zero continued chanting “ Thank You, Julian “ ).. So I say to everyone here.. And to everyone watching this at home.. get up.. and do The Royale Shuffle.. ( Bai Hu does his best Royale Shuffle as fans cheered and shuffled themselves. Bai Hu ends with his hand on his heart and points to the heavens, mouthing “ That’s for you “ )

Bai Hu wishes everyone a good show before leaving the ring.

Ground Zero PA announces the first match on tonight’s Caesaro Tribute show will be an 8 men Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match. The match begins with 2 men, loser leaves and replaced by another. The last man standing gets the chance to compete for the Interpromotional Championship at WMD:CoupD’Etat#2. The first two participants made their way to the ring to “ Flashing Lights “

8 Men Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero cheered for what was an exciting Gauntlet. During the celebration, out comes the Interpromotional Champion, MPW’s Toxik. Toxik made his way to the ring and got confronted his future challenger. The two had a brief interaction before they shared a handshake. We assumed that the handshake made the match official. Toxik left the ring as his challenger continue with his celebration for a few moment.

Next, will be the show's Co MAIN EVENT, the “ Semi Final “ of the ANARCHY GAMES. As advertised, the winner from the previous ANARCHY GAMES match, Eisenheim, chose this match to be a Triple Threat match. The final three will need to eliminate one more challenger before they reach the ANARCHY GAMES final at WMD:CoupD’Etat#2. Ground Zero and the WMD loyalist are in a good mood as they cheered for two of the least favourite characters, Eisenheim and Tyler Alexander, in the Games due to their rivalry with WMD. The last participant of this Triple Threat is Mick Garland.

ANARCHY GAMES Match #7: Triple Threat

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero erupted as the bell rings. Not only did they celebrated the result, they also celebrated that one of their known rivals was eliminated at the end of the match. Ground Zero and the WMD loyalist, sang their rendition of the “ Goodbye “ song as a very upset Tyler Alexander makes his way to the back. Mick Garland and Eisenheim had a brief interaction before they both left the ring.

Next is the MAIN EVENT of this tribute show. This will be a 4 on 4 match. A “ Dream Match “ of sort, WMD will face one of Caesaro’s former stable, New Destruction Inc. Ground Zero cheered as for the first time tonight, the fans in unison says the intro to WMD’s theme. “ Tell me my friend, have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight? “, WMD’s Fardeem Al Urdunn, Mistress Bedlam, Andrei Nasenko and Bojanov Dano made their way to the ring. Ground Zero erupted as the PA played “ Swagger like us “ and out comes NDI, led by Bai Hu. Bai Hu, Mr Rezister and Tony Reeves straight away got into the faces of the WMD four. As the fans chant “ THIS IS AWESOME “, they also realised that this “ Dream Match “ is missing another participant. As if to point out that he is standing in for Julian Caesaro, the PA again played “ Flashing Lights “ as the final piece to this “ Dream Match “ made his way to the ring. It’s Flippo Jaeger.

4 on 4 Tag Match
New Destruction Inc. ( NDI ) vs WMD

Spoiler: show
The fans cheered after a very exciting Main Event. In a show of sportsmanship and goodwill, the WMD team approached NDI and Jaeger. Both team shook hands before team WMD left the ring. Jaeger join the celebration for a few more moment before he himself left the ring.

Ground Zero gave a standing ovation to the surviving members of NDI at the end of their match. The three of them stood in the middle of the ring. Purple, gold and silver streamers start to fly into the ring. The show ends with the image of NDI having their “ Curtain Call “ moment as streamers fill up the ring.

Spoiler: show
The opening Bai Hu RP is a combination of JJ and me. I hope it conveys our feelings, losing a friend and a " Brother at Arms ". Personally, despite not knowing him outside the Arena, he did effect me with his positiveness as well his open-ness on ideas whenever I share with him during our collaboration back in those A.O and Omega days. Forever, I thank you brother.

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by bfx
Spoiler: show
WMD:CoupD’Etat#2 begins with an unadvertised match. A treat for the early birds. The match is an 8 Men Over The Top Rope Battle Royal with a spot in a Triple Threat Match for ANARCHY champion #1 Contendership up for the winner. The Battle Royal was won by Bai Hu, beating WMD’s Bedlam, Arshad and Fritzador as well as Mr Kaiju, Big Bad Shaw, Daebak Kid and Ground Zero’s favourite, Ogopogo. Bai Hu will compete against DHCGuy and ELITE’s Tyler Alexander later on the main show.


WMD:CoupD’Etat#2 begins with the usual shots of WMD loyalist in Ground Zero. Some fans were still finding their seats but most are already settled in. Ground Zero popped as Jack Nicholson’s voice is heard on the PA. In unison, Ground Zero finished Jack’s iconic line, the opening for WMD’s theme, The Rebel Scum’s Stairwell. Out comes WMD’s De Facto voice, KAOS to the ring. KAOS takes his time as the fans sang the opening chorus to the song. He soaked in the moment as Ground Zero continued with “ Dub-Em-Dee “ chants.

KAOS: You know… All this.. tonight.. It wouldn’t have happened without you guys.. You guys ARE the driving force of this revolution.. ( Ground Zero cheered ) We are here because we refused to just accept the crap that was given to us.. We are here because we do not want to conform to their standard of mediocrity.. We are here because we.. because you.. refused to keep quiet.. we want, we demand for the best in competition.. Well we did it.. Tonight.. will be a landmark night.. Tonight will be etched in the pages of history.. Tonight we will see a culmination of weeks.. blood.. sweat and tears.. Tonight we will see two warriors.. Two soldiers of the squared circle.. battle it out in this very ring for THE ultimate prize.. Tonight we will crown a NEW ANARCHY Champion.. ( YES chant begins )

KAOS: But that’s the main event.. and we have a lot more before that.. we got the Interpromotional open challenge.. ( KAOS smiled as Ground Zero replied with a YES ) Two extreme grudge matches.. ( YES ) ]#1 Contendership Triple Threat.. [/color ( YES ) [color=#FF0000] NSL, Kramer beating the crap out of each other.. ( YES ) and before all that.. we have a returning WMD soldier from injury.. ( Out comes WMD’s WarMachine, X. Ground Zero chant “ Welcome Back “ ) instead of taking his time.. and going against the trainer’s advise.. he wants to mark his return.. by facing one of his fiercest rival.. and former tag partner.. ( out comes The Raging Demon, Athrin ) Now, let the show begins..

WarMachine X vs Raging Demon, Athrin

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero cheered after what was a very hard hitting fight for what was supposed to be a friendly match. Both wrestlers were exhausted. A bloodied X turned and faces his opponent. They had a brief interaction before they both shook hands as a sign of respect. Athrin helped X to the back for his treatment.

The PA calls for the next match. It is announced that this match is a grudge match between two competitors in the ANARCHY Games. They will settle the score using the very item that started this feud, a steel chair.

WMD’s Pyro vs Monstarz’s Vulcan Vesuvius

Spoiler: show
Vulcan reaches for the steel chair but before he could do any damage, Pyro drop kicks him out of the ring. Vulcan furious with the outcome, tried to get back into the ring but stopped as Pyro was waiting for him with the steel chair. Ogopogo runs to ringside and tried to calm down his stable mate. Pyro celebrates in the ring as Ogo and a few of the arena’s bouncers escorted a very upset Vulcan to the back.

Up next is another grudge match. This match is between two former tag team partners. The two got into a very violent feud after PussyKiller attacked Chad Fukushima to marked the end of their partnership. This feud got very extreme as PK introduced a barbed wired bat into the mix. Instead of taking the violence out of the equation, Chad Fukushima embraces the extreme and demand this match be a No DQ match.

PussyKiller vs Chad Fukushima

Spoiler: show
After the bell, PK delivered another devastating stunner to Chad. With Chad still on the mat, PK goes for the barbed wire bat. Flippo Jaeger and Bai Hu rushes to the ring and stands between PK and Chad Fukushima. Ground Zero popped big time as we see Skull Trauma and a man wearing a hoodie runs to the ring with steel chairs in hand. Bai Hu and the two youngsters stand their ground despite being unarmed. The fans are waiting for a three on three war as PK talks some smack. He calls for Skull Trauma and the hoodie guy to attack as he take a step back. Everyone was shocked as Skull Trauma turned and attacked PussyKiller with the steel chair. Trauma continue to strike PK with the chair as the other guy stands between them and their former adversaries. The other guy revealed himself as Bones. The two left the ring after Trauma finished destroying two steel chairs on PK’s body. Bai Hu, Chad Fukushima and Flippo Jaeger still not able make sense of what just happened just watched as the medics stretchered PussyKiller out of the ring.

After the carnage, Chad and Jaeger wishes Bai Hu all the best as he takes his spot in the next match. The next match is the Triple Threat match for the #1 Contender to challenge the new ANARCHY champion that will be crowned later tonight. Bai Hu waits for his opponents. Out comes the eliminated two of the final four in the ANARCHY GAMES, DHCGuy and ELITE’s Tyler Alexander.

ELITE’s Tyler Alexander vs DHCGuy vs Bai Hu

Spoiler: show
The fans cheered as Bai Hu got one up against one of WMD’s foes and become the new #1 contender for the ANARCHY Championship. Bai Hu will sure pay close attention on the Main Event and see who will be crowned the new ANARCHY Champion and his future opponent.

The PA calls for the next match. It’s the second time that the Interpromotional Championship has been contested on a WMD:CoupD’Etat show. The champion, MPW’s Toxik, issued an open challenge to all wrestling company / promotion / organisation as he look to defend the title against all challengers. Toxik’s challenger for tonight won the opportunity to go after the title after he won the Cruiserweight Gauntlet Match on WMDtv’s Caesaro Tribute Show. Tonight, he will face Emu Kid.

Emu Kid vs Toxik ( C )

Spoiler: show
Emu shocked as the bell stops the match. Toxik quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs his title. The PA announces that the match was declared a time limit draw and as Emu Kid failed to win the title, Toxik retains the belt. Emu was still trying to make sense of the call as Toxik walk towards the locker room. Ground Zero initially booed the decision but then applauded for what was an entertaining match. Toxik stopped halfway as the fans chanted “ That Was Awesome “ and runs back to the ring. Both Emu Kid and Toxik faced each other in the middle of the ring. Ground Zero continue to let their voices be heard as they in unison chant “ One More Match “. After a brief interaction, Toxik extends his hand towards Emu Kid. Emu accepted the handshake and was greeted with cheers from the fans. Does this mean that they will face each other again in the future?

The next match will have the tough task of following what would be a Match of The Night candidate. The two competitors in this match, NSL and Kramer, however, does have enough talent to certainly challenge that claim. This match was initially booked for the first WMD:CoupD’Etat but Kramer opted to try his luck and fight for the opportunity to challenge for the FPCPP World Championship. Unfortunately, things didn’t worked out quite well for him. WMD’s matchmaker grabbed the opportunity to ensure that this professional rivalry finally gets a decision.

Kramer vs NSL

Spoiler: show
A disappointed NSL walks back to the locker room as Kramer celebrate his victory. Kramer was the better man tonight, able to capitalise on a split second opportunity to gain the victory. Finally, this match indeed has a decision but the question now, are either of these two proud competitors satisfied with the result or will we see they face each other again.

Now it’s time for the MAIN EVENT. It took us weeks of matches and eliminations to reach the finals of the ANARCHY GAMES. We started with eight competitors and now we are down to the final two. Will the title goes to the magician of FPCPP, the man who entered the ANARCHY GAMES on a high note. Overcoming the odds in an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal to be the first to qualify for the GAMES. Then did the unthinkable by not just beating RDX, he effectively disbanded the tag team. He is also responsible for putting WMD’s WarMachine on the injured list. He continued his roll in the ANARCHY GAMES by eliminating both members of the Pitbulls in one night. Will that roll continue tonight.

Or will the title goes to a former Star of The Jar winner. Whose journey into the GAMES began by defeating the title’s actual creator, UIG. It took a win on the fourth match in the GAMES for him to gain control of his destiny in the GAMES. From there, both he and his opponent tonight began a personal game of one-upmanship as each score two victories to get to the final of the GAMES, tonight.

Mick Garland vs Eisenheim

Spoiler: show
A bloodied and exhausted Eisenheim lays on the mat. The fans cheered as Mick Garland falls to his knee due to exhaustion. We can see what this match took out of both these competitors. Ground Zero are on their feet, applauding what was a good show of competitive fighting spirit. Both men gave their all for the title. Both Mick and Eisenheim are already on their feet when KAOS made his way to the ring with THE briefcase. As a sign of good sportsmanship and professionalism, Eisenheim congratulates Mick with a handshake before exiting the ring. KAOS then took the mic to officially announce Mick Garland as the NEW ANARCHY CHAMPION. Streamers and confetti fills the ring. KAOS then hands Mick the ANARCHY Title Belt. KAOS extends his hand to congratulate the Champ but Mick ignores KAOS and walks slowly to the edge of the ring, exhausted from his struggle and waves for a mic, reaching through the ropes to grab the offered mic with his free hand. His action didn’t sit well with a section of the fans but He just heads back to centre stage, slinging the ANARCHY belt over one shoulder, his white streaked hair lank over his face, whole body running with sweat, shoulders and chest heaving as the big man draws in huge breaths.

Mick: I stand before you, with all those I put down and watch over back in Jefferson as mute witnesses, as the new ANARCHY champion....

Mick holds up the belt, turning it to look at it, his distant, vacant eyes showing something like emotion... a rarity.

Mick: An ANARCHY champion, in the tradition of UIG, Athrin, Wondy, K... A TRUE champion. ( Mick stares directly into camera... and through that camera ) Are you watching Allen Riggs, are you watching FPCPP... get a good look at a true champion with a real title. A title great wrestlers go to WAR over, a title that's defended, that's active.. that MEANS SOMETHING.

Mick pants between words, still breathless, the anger and impact of his words building as he starts to snarl them out...

Mick: Allen Riggs, if you were to come to me on your knees and lay that FPCPP heavyweight title at my feet, I wouldn't even SPIT on it. ( Mick hoists the ANARCHY title high, the camera zooming in on it ) This is the future of wrestling, I AM the future of wrestling.

Mick then faces KAOS and dismissively tosses the mic to the canvas, slings the title over his shoulder and slowly makes his way out to the back. Despite the actions of the new champion, KAOS still encourages the fans to cheer for him.

The show ends with a shot of KAOS with a sadistic smile through his red beard with a very loud Ground Zero in the background.

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Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:47 am
by bfx

WMDtv#11 opens with a recap of the final moments of the ANARCHY GAMES final. The match ended with a quick turnover from a German Suplex by Eisenheim to quick pinning combination by Garland for the win. The final images shows a victorious Mick Garland with the ANARCHY title in hand.

The camera then shows live feed of the fans in Ground Zero. Ground Zero erupted as the PA plays WMD’s theme which brings out WMD’s De Facto voice, KAOS out to the ring. KAOS welcomes everyone to a new era. The era of the ANARCHY Champion. He apologises to everyone that they will not have the ANARCHY Champion present as he is given a well deserved day off from the war he had at CoupD’Etat. KAOS says that the network and the fans have asked what will WMD do next. KAOS claims that WMD will continue to give the best in competition and give FPCPP a run for their money. ( Ground Zero erupted with YES chants ) KAOS says that WMD have been given the rights to host a Tag Team Tournament to determined the teams that will partner the Tag Team champions and the #1 contender in a Tag Team Elimination Match. KAOS says that the tournament’s 1st round will occupy tonight’s show and ep#12. KAOS again thanked everyone in attendance for their support and wishes them a good show before leaving to the back.

The PA calls for the first match of the tournament, first match for Bracket ELITE. First to the ring, representing WMD is Andrei Nosenko and Bojanov Deno. These two athletes have shown great improvement since they’ve parted ways with their previous valet / manager. They are now more focus in reaching their goals. They will face a team that had a last minute team change. Tonight Monstarz will be represented by the darling of Ground Zero, Ogopogo and Monstarz resident hothead, Vulcan Vesuvius. Vulcan, last seen lost to WMD’s Pyro in a Steel Chair Match, will be determined to get one over WMD.

Bracket ELITE 1st round Match
WMD’s Andrei Nosenko / Bojanov Deno vs MONSTARZ

Spoiler: show
Despite being WMD loyalist, the fans in Ground Zero still cheered for Ogopogo who scored the win. Vulcan wanted to continue with the fight but his attention was turned towards the reaction his tag partner is getting from the fans. Vulcan returns to the back with Ogo chasing after him.

The next match will be the first match for Bracket GOAT. First to the ring will be the Pitbulls. These two were last seen on the opposing teams at the first match of the ANARCHY GAMES. They both unfortunately got eliminated on the same night at the 1st CoupD’Etat by the same man, Eisenheim. This tournament will be their first test teaming up again after that brief singles stint. Next, representing Azteca PRO as part of a continuing working relationship with WMD, are the Azteca Dragons.

Bracket GOAT 1st round Match
Pitbulls vs Azteca Dragons

Spoiler: show
The ANARCHY Games and the elimination had not effected the partnership between Koji and Scorpio as they scored the victory in what was a great showcase of Tag Team wrestling. Both teams showed good sportsmanship as they shook hands after the match. Ground Zero applauded the gesture.

The second match for Bracket ELITE will be a fight between WMD with another of their foes. This time WMD will be represented by Arshad Shirdel and El Fritzador and they will face Justice and FreedoM, The Children of Liberty. The Children of Liberty will have another go at the title if they win this tournament. Arshad and Fritzador, the Tag Team that have teamed together longer for WMD, will aim to progress further for WMD after Nosenko and Deno failed earlier.

Bracket ELITE 1st round Match
WMD’s Arshad Shirdel / El Fritzador vs Children of Liberty

Spoiler: show
After an exciting Tag Team action, The Children of Liberty proceed through to the next round of the tournament. We see both FreedoM and Justice celebrate their victory to a chorus of boos as Arshad and Fritzador made their way to the back, disappointed after failing to win the match.

The last match of the night and second match for Bracket GOAT sees WMD’s “ friends of the family “, Woo Daddy and Nasty Nas, representing UNRD faces against the team of Skull X Bones. SkullTrauma and Bones were involved in a sick and confusing attack against Trauma’s previous tag partner, PussyKiller. The two turned and attacked PK after he had won his grudge match against Chad Fukushima at CoupD’Etat after appearing as if to help him before that.

Bracket GOAT 1st round Match
UNRD vs Skull x Bones

Spoiler: show
Despite seeming to have problems with Woo Daddy, Skull X Bones managed to overcome that obstacle and progress through to the next round. Tonight’s show ends with a shot of both SkullTrauma and Bones celebrating their victory.

Ground Zero is again noisy with cheers as the fans are pumped up with excitement after a night of Tag Team action. They can’t wait to see what is in store next in the tournament.

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Posted: Sun Jul 17, 2016 1:54 pm
by bfx

The show open with a recap of what happened last episode, part one of the 1st round of the Tag Team Tournament. Part 1 sees two of WMD’s representative failed to proceed to the next round as the team of Arshad Shirdel / El Fritzador and Andrei Nosenko / Bojanov Deno lost to Children of Liberty and Monstarz respectively. The other matches were Koji Ke’Oke and Scorpio Kid, collectively known as The Pitbulls, beat the representative from Azteca Pro, The Azteca Dragons and Skull x Bones going over UNRD. The brackets are shown with the updated standings.


The camera as usual shows the hyped up fans in Ground Zero. Tonight we will see the remaining matches in the 1st round in the tournament and without wasting any time, the PA calls for the 1st match of the night for Bracket GOAT. Coming to the ring first is the team of Dennis and Mongoose. This two came to the FPCPP awhile back but later disappeared. KAOS and WMD matchmakers managed to track them down and offered them this opportunity. Ground Zero erupted as Jack Nicholson’s Joker is heard in the PA, the intro to WMD’s entrance theme, The Rebel Scum’s Stairwells. Out comes the team of #88 and his new partner Rhaegos. After what happened last episode, they will work hard to make sure that they advance to the next round and represent WMD in the tournament.

Bracket GOAT 1st round Match

WMD’s 88 / Rhaegos vs Dennis / Mongoose

Spoiler: show
After what was a strong stiff match, WMD finally got a team advancing to the next round. They managed to overcome a very strong Dennis by taking out their opponent’s weakest link, Mongoose. Not contend with just winning the match, both 88 and Rhaegos wanted to make a statement. They continued their assault and both delivered each their own running powerbomb to their opponent. Ground Zero specifically popped big time as Rhaegos picked up Dennis and delivered the running powerbomb. 88 and Rhaegos left the ring as medics attended to both Dennis and Mongoose.

As the medics cleared the carnage, the PA calls for the next match. It is a match under Bracket ELITE. First to the ring is a returning team of ring veterans, not in age but experience, the team of Mr Rezister and Tony Reeves, representing NDI. They were last seen in WMDtv’s Tribute show for Julian Caesaro. They’ve entered this tournament trying to capture their past glory. In their path is a team, entered in the tournament on a special personal invite by KAOS. They are Hiroyuki Shoji and Nishikawa Hayato, The Strong Style Assasins of KIRIN Pro.

Bracket ELITE 1st round Match

Strong Style Assasins vs NDI

Spoiler: show
Despite being younger, bigger and stronger than their opponents, the SSA were unable to defeat Tony Reeves and Mr Rezister. The Assasins’ Shoji tried to go after the victors but was stopped by both Flippo Jaeger and Chad Fukushima. Hayato had to dragged Shoji to the back as Jaeger and Fukushima joined in NDI’s celebration. The two team congratulated / wished them luck before NDI left the ring as Jaeger and Fukushima wait for their opponent.

The next match will also be a match in Bracket ELITE. It will be a match between the team of Flippo Jaeger and Chad Fukushima, who are already in the ring, against the debuting team from Azteca Pro, Dangerous Tony Dawes and the Flyin Lion also known as Shoot2Kill ( S2K ).

Bracket ELITE 1st round Match

Flippo Jaeger / Chad Fukushima vs Shoot2Kill

Spoiler: show
Jaeger and Fukushima continue their impressive run as a tag team and advances to the next round. The two young guns celebrate their win. Not sure they realised that waiting for them in the next round is the team that they just helped, Mr Rezister and Tony Reeves. That would definitely be an interesting match.

The next match, the final match in the 1st round of the tournament will be under Bracket GOAT. First to the ring are another team representing Azteca Pro, as well as The Palace of Lions, it’s the team of Kassius and The Golden Tiger. They will face a team that was formed just for this tournament. Both showed their interest in joining the tournament but were without a tag partner until they met each other. A handshake later, they signed up for the tournament. Critics are not sure how far will this impromptu tag team will go due to the short amount of time they have to prepare as a team but fans are loving the look of this team.

Bracket GOAT 1st round Match

Palace of Lions vs Peruvian Dragon / Emu Kid

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero cheered as the ref called for the bell. The Dragon/Emu team were impressive in their win. Despite a slow start and them still in their “ Single Wrestler “ mode early in the match, PD and Emu quickly adapt and showed their quality as a tag team to advance to the next round. The two masked wrestlers celebrated as Ground Zero cheered for what was an exciting match

That is the end of the 1st round of the tournament. Now we have some interesting match ups to wait for in the second round. But the next round of matches will only take place on WMDtv#14. On the next episode ( WMDtv#13 ), we will have the new ANARCHY champion, Mick Garland defends his title against Bai HU. Will Mick put the old Anarchy title curse to rest and hold on to the belt or will Bai HU continue his return to glory with a victory and the ANARCHY belt around his waist.

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by bfx

The show opens with the usual shots of the fans in Ground Zero. The fans are pumped up for what is expected to be an exciting episode. Tonight we will see the new ANARCHY Championship be contested for the first time as the ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland, defends the title against Bai Hu. Although there is some part of the industry and the fans that question Mick as a champion based on his victory at WMD:CoupD’Etat, there is 100% support for him from Ground Zero and the WMD loyalist.

Ground Zero erupts as WMD’s theme is heard in the PA. Out comes KAOS leading four of WMD’s soldiers into the ring. They are Arshad Shirdel, El Fritzador, Bojanov Dano and Andrei Nosenko. They were part of the Tag Team Tournament hosted by WMD.

KAOS accepted the mic handed by one of the ring crew. KAOS welcome everyone to the show. KAOS hypes up what is expected to be a special event. Tonight, everyone will witness the 1st chapter of a new era. Tonight, every match will have WMD:CoupD'Etat#3 implications and everyone will have as the Main Event, The newly crowned ANARCHY champion Mick Garland will defend the title against a newly revitalised Bai Hu. KAOS stressed that Mick had to clawed and fight his way to win the championship but he will need to do that and more to remain as champion. KAOS’ comment received a chorus of boos from a small section of the fans. KAOS direct his attention towards them. He identifies them as part of the minority in Ground Zero. They are the minority that think Mick Garland still has a lot to prove despite already crowned as the ANARCHY Champion. Ground Zero in unison chanting “ You Suck “, pointing towards the section of booing fans. KAOS calmed everyone down and address the critics that questioned him for not acknowledging Eisenheim’s achievements leading up to the ANARCHY GAMES final. The critics that questioned his judgement for not including Eisenheim’s Space Monkey Mafia in the Tag Team Tournament. KAOS’ gave the critics his middle finger as his reply. Ground Zero showed their support by chanting “ Fuck You “.

KAOS then turn his attention towards WMD’s four soldiers in the ring with him. He reminds everyone that they were all involved in the Tag Team Tournament but were all knocked out in the first round. KAOS expressed his disappointment at the result. KAOS stressed that they were carrying the name of WMD when they stepped into the squared circle and what was displayed in that tournament was not a performance worthy of representing WMD. Despite his disappointment, KAOS believe that all four of them are better than that. KAOS announced that as a form of punishment, they are to fight in a four way elimination match. He wants them to show their aggression and fight to win. He wants them not to hold back and show no mercy even though the man they are facing are their own tag team partner. KAOS explains that as much as he believe in punishment, he also believe in rewards. As a form of motivation, KAOS declares that the winner of this match will be given the opportunity to challenge for the Interpromotional Championship at WMD:CoupD’Etat#3. KAOS calls for the ref and the match starts now.

* Winner will challenge for the Interpromotional Title at WMD:CoupD'Etat#3

Spoiler: show
After an exhausting match, The Bull can only sit down in the centre of the ring as he is announced as the winner. His tag team partner returned back to the ring to celebrate his win before they both exited the ring.

Up next is an open challenge laid down by KAOS. KAOS challenges any young new wrestler to face any of the already established wrestler in a match. The winner of this open challenge will be given a spot in the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the ANARCHY title at WMD:CoupD’Etat#3. Out first to the ring is Daebak Kid. He has been impressive since his debut awhile back highlighted with a good showing in the Gauntlet Match on the Caesaro Tribute show. Ground Zero are buzzing in anticipation as they are made to wait a bit for his opponent. DK’s expression changed from excitement to shocked as his opponent revealed himself.

* Winner will be given a spot in the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the ANARCHY title at WMD:CoupD'Etat#3
DAEBAK KID vs ? ? ?

Spoiler: show
An Awaken The Dying later, we have the first name in the Triple Threat at WMD:CoupD’Etat#3 already confirmed. He will now need to pay attention on the next match to find out who he will face in the Triple Threat. One thing he can confirm, he will not face his tag partner as the next match will be his partner’s last chance in the Triple Threat.

The next match is the #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the ANARCHY Championship. The winner of this match will main event WMD:CoupD’Etat#3 and face the ANARCHY Champion. Out first is WMD’s Pyro. Ground Zero popped as one of their own is given the chance to challenge the champion. The mood changes as the next participant makes his way to the ring with a chorus of boos. It’s ELITE’s Tyler Alexander. This is Tyler’s last chance to challenge for the title in this cycle. He must win this match or go to the back of the line. The third person in this Triple Threat Match was never revealed when the card was announced and this participant is making everyone wait. The wait was not long as the final element in this match finally made his way to the ring. Everyone was shocked that KAOS has given this opportunity to a current champion.

* Winner will face the ANARCHY Champion and Main Event WMD:CoupD'Etat#3

Spoiler: show
After the bell, both Pyro and Tyler faces each other in the centre of the ring. The winner mocked the other guy. They exchange some heated words before one of them decides to back down and left the ring as the winner celebrate his win.

Up next is the Main Event of the evening. The ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland will defend his title for the first time after being crowned as the champion. The winner from the previous match slowly makes his way out of the ring. This is deliberate as the future challenger waited for the current challenger to make his way to the ring. Both of them had a brief interaction which ends with a handshake possibly wishing Bai Hu good luck, giving us a preview of the possible Main Event at WMD:CoupD'Etat#3. Bai Hu then makes his way to ring. Ground Zero erupted as Mick Garland proudly makes his way to the ring while ignoring the other guy going the other way. Whatever the critics are saying clearly does not have any effect on the champion's confidence.

Both champion and challenger are already inside the ring. Ground Zero are as noisy as it has ever been. Everyone are anticipating an exciting match between these two. Will Bai Hu get back to the top of the mountain and wins the ANARCHY title or will Mick Garland continue his reign as the champion and prove his critics wrong? The ref calls for the bell. Here we go.


Spoiler: show
The bell rings and the ref raises Mick's arm to declare him still the ANARCHY Champion. Despite his victory, Mick is clearly and visibly upset. Mick exits the ring as the medics checked on Bai Hu's injury. Mick took a few steps away from the ring before he stopped and turned his attention back to the ring. Clearly something is bothering him. Ground Zero popped as Mick made his way back to the ring. Mick pushes away the medics and the ref away and gets in the face of Bai Hu. Mick raises the title in front of Bai Hu. Everyone doesn't understand what's going on.

Mick calls for the mic and calls out KAOS to ring. KAOS made his way to the ring with some of Ground Zero security / bouncers escorting him. With the security in between them. Mick confronted KAOS. Mick explains that critics are saying that he doesn't deserve the title based on his win over Eisenheim. Mick says that tonight was supposed to be his night to prove them wrong. This match was supposed to be his middle finger towards them. Mick says that with an opponent with the calibre like Bai Hu's, they should've gone and killed each other and proved to everyone that this title is worth going into battle for, worth killing for. Mick says that this victory should've silent the doubters but he doesn't want to win with Bai Hu not 100%. Mick looks at Bai Hu and asked if he wants to go another round. Ground Zero in unison chanting " YES " and erupted as Bai Hu nods in agreement.

KAOS reminded everyone that the next ANARCHY Championship title match will be at WMD:CoupD'Etat#3 and they already Mick's opponent but KAOS loved the idea of Mick and Bai Hu round 2. KAOS says that even though that Mick's opponent is already contractually signed, Mick still has the power as champion to override that and choose his opponent. Although this will irritate the winner of the Triple Threat, KAOS announces that since the ANARCHY champion is invoking the " Champion's Choice ", the new Main Event for WMD:CoupD'Etat#3 will be Mick Garland as the champion vs Bai Hu. This announcement was well received by Ground Zero.

Mick shakes both Bai Hu and KAOS' hand before leaving to the back. Bai Hu, still being attended by the medics, left the ring a few moments later. The show ends with KAOS still in the ring celebrating what was an exciting end to an exciting night. Tonight was all about chances given and taken. Everyone will see if those who earned their opportunities tonight will leave WMD:CoupD'Etat as champions.

Coming Next week, Round 2 of the Tag Team Tournament.

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by bfx

The show opens with a brief recap of what happened on WMDtv#13. It shows, Bojanov Dano getting a submission win over Arshad Shirdel in a WMD 4 way Elimination Match to earn an Interpromotional Championship match against Toxik, ELITE’s The Chon hitting his Awaken the Dying on the Daebak kid to earn his spot in the ANARCHY Championship’s #1 Contender Triple Threat match, ELITE’s Tyler Alexander getting a win over Toxik to become the #1 contender for the ANARCHY Championship and The ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland pinning Bai Hu to retain the title. The video recap then further focuses on what happened after the ANARCHY title match. It focuses on what Mick Garland said post match, with a visual of Bai Hu cut opened by Mick earlier in the match. It focuses on Mick demanding for another match with Bai Hu for the title. The recap ends with Mick Garland and Bai Hu shaking hands agreeing on the match witnessed by KAOS.

We’re back in Ground Zero. It is noisy as fans and WMD loyalists are excited, awaiting for the 2nd round of the Tag Team Tournament to kickstart. Each of the brackets will showcase two matches tonight, the “ Semi-Finals “ of the brackets. The “ Finals “ will take place on the next show ( WMDtv#15 ).

Ground Zero announcer calls for the 1st match of the night. This will be the 1st match for Bracket GOAT. Ground Zero erupted as WMD’s theme, The Rebel Scum’s STAIRWELL is heard over the arena’s PA. With that, WMD’s sole remaining team in the tournament, #88 and Rhaegos dubbed as The “ Killer Bomb Squad “ by the WMD loyalists, made their way to the ring. They are the favourites to proceed to the next round of the tournament as they, at least on paper, outmatched their opponent in size and strength. On the other hand, their opponents, the new pairing of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid, were not even expected to defeat the team representing The Palace of Lions in the 1st round. After both teams are already inside the ring, the announcer call for the bell to start the match.


Spoiler: show
Emu Kid showed exceptional strength in holding off the bigger Rhaegos. Ground Zero were silent. Emu and PD managed to pull off a victory over WMD's Killer Bomb Squad. Not happy with the result, KBS continued their assault on their opponents. Both 88 and Rhaegos went for a running powerbomb but only Rhaegos managed to hit the move as PD countered before 88 can finish it off. With Emu Kid down, both KBS went after PD he was saved by, out of all the people, Eisenheim and Jack Action, The Space Monkey Mafia armed with steel chairs. Despite being booed by the WMD loyalist in Ground Zero, they stood their ground and in between of KBS and PD. Before anything could happen, KAOS ran to ringside and call both 88 and Rhaegos back. They returned back to the locker room as the medics checked on Emu Kid. The Mafias lead the celebration briefly they and PD escorted Emu to the back.

The next match is the 1st match for Bracket ELITE. First to the ring are FPCPP's resident superheroes, The Children of Liberty. FreedoM and Justice were focus as they made their way to the ring. They waited for their opponents as Ground Zero started chanting " O-GO, O-GO, O-GO ". Ground Zero erupted as the Extraterrestrial Monkey made his way to the ring. Unfortunately, the darling of Ground Zero is accompanied by his Monstarz tag partner, Vulcan Vesuvius.


Spoiler: show
Vulcan rolled out of the ring as the Children of Liberty celebrate their victory. He watches their celebration as he sat down ringside. Before they left, Justice and FreedoM offered their hands to Ogopogo who was still in the ring as a sign of respect. Ogopogo accepted the gesture which received a round applause from the fans. This did not go down well with Vulcan as he stormed back into the ring and brutally attack his tag team partner. Vulcan continued the attack until both Freedom and Justice rushed back to the ring for the save. Vulcan then left ringside and was escorted by Ground Zero arena security / bouncers out. Children of Liberty helped Ogopogo to the back

The next match is the second match in Bracket ELITE. The winner of this match will have the Children of Liberty waiting for them in the finals. This match up is rather interesting. Both these teams are associated with the ANARCHY Champion's CoupD'Etat opponent, Bai Hu and share mutual respect between them. First to the ring are the team of Chad Fukushima and Flippo Jaeger. These two young guns proved to be a successful combination since teaming up together. Jaeger himself is still undefeated in singles competition. Next to the ring, two members of the famed NDI stable, Mr Rezister and Tony Reeves. The two teams had a brief interaction in the middle of the ring before shook hands. Round of applause from Ground Zero as the ref calls for the bell.


Spoiler: show
Flippo Jaeger celebrated his win before he was confronted by both his opponent. Both Resister and Reeves were not happy at how Jaeger got the win. They see what Jaeger did as an act of youthful arrogance. The two teams continue to argue. Bai Hu runs to the ring and try to talk some sense to both of the teams. After a few moment, Bai Hu manages to calm things down. He got both teams to shake hands as proof of good sportmanship and together all five of them celebrate both the victory as well as the match itself.

Up next is the final match of the night as well as the last match in the 2nd round of the tournament. The winner of this match will face the team of Emu Kid and the Peruvian Dragon. The fans have been waiting for this match since it was announced. They expect this match to be an all out war between two hard hitting tag teams. Out first to the ring, are the team of SkullTrauma and Bones. Next, the team of Koji Ke'Oke and Scorpio Kid AKA The Pitbulls. Ground Zero was electric as both teams had a brief staredown before the ref calls for the bell.


Spoiler: show
Ground Zero are on their feet as the fans cheered for what was an exciting finale to the 2nd round of the tournament. SkullXBones celebrate their win as the medics checked on Scorpio Kid. Koji then helped his tag partner as they make their way back to the locker room.

The show ends with the winners still celebrating their victory in the ring.

We begin the night with 8 teams and now we are down to the final four of the tournament. Expect the action to pick up as these four remaining teams fight to determine the winner of their brackets and proceed to fight for tag team gold. All that on the next episode of WMDtv.

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by bfx
Spoiler: show
WMD released a statement addressing issues with the Tag Team Tournament as well as the ANARCHY Championship title match. As the network have inserted Space Monkey Mafia into the tournament via a Special Entry Match for Bracket G.O.A.T., WMD matchmakers have issued a challenge to the two remaining teams in Bracket ELITE, they have found a team that will challenge either one of the team for their spots in the Bracket ELITE finals. They will have a draw tonight to determine which one of them that will face the challengers which still hasn’t been revealed. The match itself will take place the same night.

As for the ANARCHY Championship, WMD and ELITE’s legal team are still locked in a stalemate. ELITE are still not budging with their demands that Tyler Alexander’s right to a one on one Main Event ANARCHY Title Match at WMD’s next special show be restored to him. WMD’s matchmakers on the other hand, has to respect Mick Garland’s decision to face Bai Hu one more time for the ANARCHY title, evoking the Champion’s Choice stipulation. ELITE has rejected the compromise of a Triple Threat match at CoupD’Etat. KAOS and WMD are looking to resolve the issue as quickly as possible so it doesn’t jeopardise the show.

In other development, FPCPP medical team have ruled out any action for Ogopogo in the immediate future. After the recent re-tests conducted by FPCPP medical team as requested by Ogo, they still cannot clear him for his proposed “ Grudge Match “ against Vulcan Vesuvius.


The show opens with the usual images of a very loud Ground Zero, very vocal WMD loyalists in anticipation of what is expected to be a night filled with twists. The two Tag matches, the Special Entry tag matches, has the possibility to change the course of the tournament and in the end, the tag team division. Ground Zero is also aware of the talk behind the scenes currently taking place with regards to the ANARCHY Championship Main Event. The fans are all waiting for the decision to be announced.

The PA calls the first match of the night. It is one of the initial three debut scheduled for tonight’s show. WMD matchmakers booked three new additions to FPCPP’s roster. These wrestlers chose to showcase their skills on the stage set by WMD after getting tired of waiting for non-existent opportunity under FPCPP. The first match, will showcase the man known as “ The Pride of Pontypridd, Wales “ Will Craddock. Craddock will face another young wrestler, Shinobu.

Will Craddock( Debut ) vs Shinobu

Spoiler: show
What an end to a very exciting opening match. Will Craddock capped his debut with a win with a sick finisher, The Death Star Destroyer. Will Craddock approached Shinobu, who is still nursing his neck, and offered his hand as a sign of respect. Shinobu accepted his hand and is helped to his feet. Both competitors shook hands before Shinobu left the ring, leaving Will Craddock celebrating his win.

The next match was actually supposed to be the much anticipated debut for a German wrestler, Niemand " The Bear " Bearbeiten facing the giant Big Bad Shaw. Unfortunately, as previously reported, The Bear decided to cancel his debut match which prompted rumours that he backed out of his debut match because he didn’t wanted to face Shaw. This forces WMD’s matchmakers to rearrange the matchup and gave Shaw a new opponent. It is revealed to be Kripplin’ Kristofferson, another debutant. There is an aura of arrogance and toughness as he makes his way through the ropes. Kristofferson then asked for a mic. Guess he had something to say.

“ I’m new here.. so you’re going to have to explain to me what exactly this Shaw has that makes a man cancel his chance to debut live on WMDtv? I get that he’s a big fella, but he’s not a wrestler.. he’s a carnival act. His place IS not in a wrestling ring, it’s in a damn freak show. I’m going to give him the first REAL wrestling match of his life.. and when I’m done with him.. he can have another think about where he belongs.. “

Next to the ring, is Big Bad Shaw who is upset with his opponent’s choice of words. The giant is pumped up for this match and is looking to shove those very words down Kristofferson’s throat. The two had a brief heated interaction in middle of the ring as Shaw towers over Kristofferson. The ref calls for the bell.

Big Bad Shaw vs Kripplin' Kristofferson( Debut )

Spoiler: show
Despite the difference in size, Kristofferson just bullied Shaw in the match. Ground Zero can see that the control of the match shifted in Kristofferson’s favour as soon as he hits his lariat, that move clearly rocked the giant. After the bell, Kristofferson continued his assault on Shaw with another lariat. Ground Zero was divided in their reaction towards his action. Kristofferson couldn’t care less as he bends Shaw again with the very move that got him his victory. It took three ref to pull Kristofferson away from an already passed out giant. Kristofferson left the ring as the medical personnel attends to Shaw.

The next match is the first Special Entry match into the Tag Tournament. First to the ring is are the Children of Liberty followed by the team of Flippo Jaeger and Chad Fukushima. The two team stands in the centre of the ring facing each other as the ref explains what they need to do. The official brings out a black pouch and advised both team to draw a ball. A black ball will force the team to face their challengers tonight. Jaeger and Fukushima had that unfortunate honor. FreedoM and Justice shook their hands and gave them some words of encouragement before going to the back. Ground Zero popped as Camp Lo's " Black Coonection " is heard in the PA. Jaeger / Fukushima’s opponent is finally revealed.

Fukushima/Jaeger vs ? ? ?
* Winners will proceed to the finals on WMD:CoupD'Etat III

Spoiler: show
After the bell, both Jaeger and Fukushima made their way to the back with Jaeger looking more upset as he take a few moment more ringside as he watches the winners celebrate taking their spot in the tournament. For the winners, This victory means much more than a tournament win, this is a victory against the discrimination policy practice by FPCPP. This is their way of making a statement.

Next, we have the Main Event. It’s the Network endorsed Special Entry match with the Network’s chosen team, The Space Monkey Mafia, facing the team of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. First to the ring are PD and Emu. Despite not showing the effect of the post match attack at the hands of WMD’s Killer Bomb Squad, there is still some concern and questions over Emu Kid’s condition.

Ground Zero erupted with negative reaction as Space Monkey Mafia makes their way to the ring. The WMD loyalists just can’t accept the manner how they made their way into the tournament. Being the heel in this match does not bother Eisenheim and Jack Action as they have this confident swagger walking to the ring. They must have the result from the previous Special Entry match in the back of their mind.

Space Monkey Mafia vs Dragon/Emu
* Winners will proceed to the finals on WMD:CoupD'Etat III

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero erupted with cheer as the ref’s hand lands on the mat for the three. Eisenheim just couldn't believe that they've let their chance in the tournament slipped away. Despite not competing at 100%, Emu Kid manages to soldier on and it is his interception that ensured they remain in the Tournament finals. The show ends with two contrasting image of PD / Emu joy in victory and the Mafia's agony of defeat.

With the finalists for both bracket set in place, each pair will compete one more time on WMD's next special show, WMD:CoupD'Etat III, to claim their spots in the Tag Team Elimination match. Apart from the finale of the Tag Tournament, there is still the ANARCHY Championship title match Main Event to look forward to. There's no official word on the Main Event's status but we expect WMD to make an announcement soon.

Re: WMDTV / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:26 pm
by bfx
Days before the show, a meeting took place at the Network's office between them, WMD and representatives from both FPCPP and Ogopogo. It is said that in the meeting, Ogo's representative tried and failed to convince both the Network and FPCPP to allow Ogo compete in a match against Vulcan Vesuvius. FPCPP and the Network's concern is that Ogo is not yet fit enough to compete in the match which is expected to be extremely brutal in nature considering the animosity between both former stable mates. As a last effort to get Ogo his match, his representative tabled an offer for an unsanctioned match. Ogo is willing to sign off on any release form to get his match. FPCPP and the Network will not agree to the match. WMD's De Facto voice, applauds Ogo's spirit and is willing to book the match for WMD:CoupD'Etat III. The Network however, refused to allow the match to take place on their broadcast using their promotion. KAOS managed to find a loophole in their agreement with the Network. WMD can book a match outside of the main show card as an unsanctioned match without promotion of the match. As a sign of defiance against the Network, KAOS did just that and booked the match. All he needs now is for Vulcan to agree on the match.

Morning of the show, WMD finally got Vulcan to agree on the match with an unspecified term to the agreement. As stated, this match will be an unsanctioned match with both the Network and FPCPP not acknowledging or taking any responsibility on whatever happen during the match.

Despite the match not advertised by either the Network or WMD leading up to day itself, we have an already full house Ground Zero waiting for the unsanctioned match. These fans and WMD loyalist got news of the match they came to show their support to Ground Zero's fan favorite, Ogopogo.

Without any announcement, with the ref already in the ring, out comes Vulcan Vesuvius to an overwhelming boos from the Ground Zero. The reception from the fans and their anticipation of Ogopogo, further irritates him. Ground Zero erupted with cheer as Ogopogo make his way to the ring. With both competitors already inside the ring, the ref call for the bell and we have ourselves a grudge match.


Spoiler: show
Ground Zero was stunned. Our ref quickly calls for the bell and for the medical team form the back. As the medics attend to the already knocked out Ogopogo, our ref raised Vulcan's hand declaring Vulcan as the winner of the match. Vulcan wasn't finished as he grabbed a steel chair and tries to attack Ogo. His effort was foiled by WMD, lead by KAOS. With Bedlam, The Killer Bomb Squad beside him, KAOS orders Vulcan to the back. Vulcan had a few words with KAOS before leaving the ring. Vulcan was escorted to the back as the fans became hostile. In the ring, KAOS watches as the medics placed Ogo on the stretcher and quickly took him out of the ring and to the nearest medical facility.

The arena staff quickly rushes to clean the debris thrown by the fans as they prepare to broadcast WMD:CoupD'Etat III. The viewers watching the show on TV will be oblivious of the carnage that took place before the show.

WMD:CoupD'Etat III

The show opens with the usual rapturous Ground Zero fans and WMD loyalist. Ground Zero erupted as The Rebel Scum's Stairwell is played and WMD's DeFacto Voice makes his way to the ring.

KAOS welcomes everyone to the show. He reminded everyone what is in store for them. KAOS also reminded everyone that WMD has evolved so much, from their very rebelious beginning with unsactioned shows until to what they are today, able to showcase the very best in wrestling and bringing the best to every living room. KAOS thanked everyone for their support and promises that after tonight's show, WMD will continue to evolve and will take over this business. KAOS wishes everyone a good show before proceeding to the back.

The PA calls for the first match and it is for the Interpromotional Championship title match which has been a staple of WMD's CoupD'Etat show. Out first and making his way to the ring is one of the only two WMD representative on the show, Bojanov Dano. Although clearly his challenger is bigger and stronger than him, the Interpromotional Champion, Toxik is still the favorite to retain the title.


Spoiler: show
After enduring one hell of a fight and surviving being dropped on his head multiple times, Toxik walked out tonight as the winner and still the Interpromotional Champion. Despite coming out victorious, Toxik was still assisted to the back and is expected to go for a medical evaluation because of the said numerous times dropped on his head.

Next, is the first of the two finals of the Tag Team Tournament hosted by WMD. At the end of the tournament, each winners of the bracket will proceed to partner their respective bracket namesake in a 4 Men ( 2 Teams ) Tag Team Elimination Match for the FPCPP Tag Team Titles. The first final in the tournament will be for Bracket ELITE. FPCPP's resident superhero tag team, The Children of Liberty facing the winner of Bracket ELITE's Special Entry match, the team of Kazuo Saji and his droid. Saji tweeted prior to the match that they are dedicating this match and their eventual victory in the tournament, to the victims and those who chose to fight any form of discrimination, whether it's gender, race or lifeform. He and Dr01d are here to show everyone that even droids can wrestle.


Spoiler: show
The ref counted 1-2-3 and awarded the victory to Justice and FreedoM. Despite being of artificial inteligence, Dr01d was clearly very disappointed with the loss. Kazuo Saji was also upset with the loss but still made an effort to console his tag partner. Justice approached them and had a few words with his opponent. As a sign of good sportmanship and respect, Justice helped Dr01d to his feet and lead Ground Zero in applauding for Kazuo and Dr01d. Ground Zero fans and WMD loyalist acknowledges and appreciated what Dr01d brought in the ring. This is another victory for Kazuo Saji and Dr01d in their fight against the beaureucracy and discrimation policy of FPCPP.

Next, is the other final of the tag tourney for Bracket G.O.A.T. This match will be between two teams with contrating style. In one corner, we have the hard-hitting, extremely ultraviolent team of SkullTrauma and Bones AKA SkullxBones. They will face a team that was only paired up specifically for the tournament, Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. These two have survived a lot to get to this stage. Both PD and Emu manages to overcome the brutal attack on them by WMD's Killer Bomb Squad and go over against their opponents who tried to sneak their way into the tag team tournament via the Special Entry match. The ref calls for the bell.


Spoiler: show
SkullxBones celebrated their victory as PD rolled out of the ring. Emu Kid apologises to his partner for not running in to stop the pin as medic attend to PD's injuries. PD and Emu had a brief interaction with each other before ending it with a handshake. PD left ringside to the back with the medic still attending to him. Emu kid left shortly after leaving SkullxBones still celebrating their victory.

Up next is the usual accompanying match whenever there an ANARCHY Championship match. It's the Triple Threat match to determined the next challenger for the title. At this moment, we are only advised of two competitors in this match, WMD's Pyro and ELITE's The Chon. Up until the start of the show, there is no information on who is the third person in this trifecta. Both Pyro and The Chon has each their own sub plots in this match. This match will be Pyro's last chance to challenge for the spot after failing to win the previous triple threat match at WMDtv#13. Even though he is not the one pinned or submitted, Pyro will be taken out off the triple threat equation and he will have to wait for the next cycles later to get another chance. The Chon on the other hand goes into this triple threat with the thought on the back of his mind that if he wins this match, that there is the possibility that he could be facing his tag team partner for the title if Tyler Alexander wins his match tonight.

Both competitors are already inside the ring awaiting their opponents. Suddenly, the mood in Ground Zero changes very drastically as the third participant in this triple threat match makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos..

WMD's PYRO vs ELITE's The CHON vs ? ? ?

Spoiler: show
With a quick roll up, The Chon wins his opportunity to challenge whoever is the ANARCHY Champion at the end of tonight's Main Event. The Chon celebrates his victory until he is joined by his ELITE tag partner, Tyler Alexander. Tyler congratulate his partner and motions to his own waist, symbolises the ANARCHY title. The Chon wishes Tyler good luck before proceeding to the back together.

This is it, tonight's MAIN EVENT. The much anticipated re-match between Mick Garland and Bai Hu starts off this rather different challenge for the Main Event. Whoever wins the first match, they will be crowned as the new ANARCHY Champion but they will still have to face Tyler Alexander directly after that.

Both Bai Hu and The ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland made their way into the ring. Both soaked in the cheer form the fans as the PA takes us to through the formal introduction. Before the bell, both competitors stood on the center of the ring and shook hands, a show of good sportmanship. Here we go, the ref calls for the bell.


Spoiler: show
The ref calls for the bell and the medics rushed to the ring and attended both Mick and Tyler. Mick is still on his back, exhausted from both matches. He is helped on his feet as the medics attended to his opponent, Tyler Alexander, who was knocked out possibly due to the pain. They managed to wake him up and assisted Tyler to the back. With that, The ANARCHY Championship belt is handed over to the winner of tonight's Main Event and still the undisputed ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland. With belt in hand, Mick climbs up a corner and celebrate his victory.

The final images of the show, is the ANARCHY Champion still celebrating his victory with confetti falling from the roof.

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Posted: Fri Dec 30, 2016 6:41 pm
by bfx
Spoiler: show
In an unsanctioned and untelevised GRUDGE Match prior to the show, Vulcan Vesuvius unceremoniously kicked Ogopogo out of Monstarz. In a brutal show of aggression and violence, Vulcan decimated his former stablemate and tag partner. Ogo showed the fighting spirit that has made him Ground Zero’s favourite, coming close to victory a few times but coming into the fight not at 100% and the injuries during the fight, it was not enough against Vulcan. It would be awhile before we will see Ogopogo again.

WMD:CoupD’Etat III opened with TOXIK defending his Interpromotional Championship against one of WMD’s big men, Bojanov Deno. TOXIK continue to show why he has been on an impressive winning streak, comfortably pushing aside the challenge of WMD’s Deno. Who will be the one to dethrone TOXIK and take away his title.

The Tag Team Tournament finals sees the final for Bracket ELITE between Children of Liberty facing the surprise entrant to the tournament, Kazuo Saji and D1ssmastr Dr01d. Justice and Freedom showed their tag team superiority by focusing and singling out Dr01d for their victory.

Bracket G.O.A.T. sees a clash of style between SkullxBones and the team of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. The flashy style of both PD and Emu weren’t enough to overcome the hard hitting force that is SkullxBones. SkullTrauma and Bones powered their way through to victory.

The #1 Contender Triple Threat Match for the ANARCHY Championship begins with only WMD’s Pyro and ELITE’s The Chon as the only participants in the match with the third spot still a mystery coming into the match. Their opponent was revealed to be Vulcan Vesuvius, fresh off from his decimation of Ogopogo. In what was the Match of the Night, all three of the combatants fought tooth and nails for the opportunity to challenge the ANARCHY Champion. In the end, it took a steel chaired roll up for ELITE’s The Chon to be declared the winner.

The Main Event sees Mick Garland, The ANARCHY Champion set himself a mountain of a challenge as he made two matches back to back, defending his ANARCHY Championship. The first match sees Mick Garland defends his belt against Bai Hu for the second time. Mick survived Bai Hu’s late surge and retained the title for his second match against ELITE’s Tyler Alexander. Mick continued the same strategy of powering through his opponent but Tyler is a different challenge. The second match ended in controversial fashion as the match official appeared to have called the bell a bit too early and giving the victory to Mick Garland and still the ANARCHY champion.


Tonight’s show opens with the camera scanning through Ground Zero and the loud and rowdy fans in attendance. Ground Zero erupted as Jack Nicholson’s Joker is heard on the PA. Ground Zero in unison finishes the Joker’s line signalling the beginning of WMD’s theme, The Rebel Scum’s Stairwells. WMD’s De Facto voice made his way to the ring to address the fans and WMD loyalist. KAOS welcomes everyone to the new WMD show. KAOS confirms that WMD are no longer associated with the Network and are now free to run their show their own way and without any restriction. This news is answered with a very loud chorus of the " Na Na Goodbye " song from the fans. KAOS explains that tonight will be the last episode this year but it will be the first step in their journey to establish WMD as a legitimate wrestling entity and declares that with immediate effect, their wrestling entity will be known as the only home for the ANARCHY Championship and will be rebranded as the State of ANARCHY. The camera zooms in to the brand new WMD: State of ANARCHY ring logo.

KAOS announced that tonight will be a historical night as they will witness the first ever crowning of the ANARCHY Tag Team champions. The champions will be crown at the end of tonight’s Main Event. It will be contested by the last four teams from the Tag Team Tournament that failed at the last hurdle but KAOS stressed that this is by no means a consolation prize. The new ANARCHY Tag titles will be of the same prestige as the FPCPP Tag titles and like the ANARCHY Title, the ANARCHY tag titles will surpass it as THE tag titles in the business.

KAOS also addresses the controversial finish of WMD:CoupD’Etat III’s MAIN EVENT. KAOS revealed that he believes that senior match official, Mr Refkin, did the correct thing as he believe and everyone believes that Tyler was in no way able to fight the onslaught from the ANARCHY Champion. Despite that, KAOS revealed that WMD still think that Tyler did enough to convince them that he deserve another chance at the title. WMD have tabled a proposal for Tyler to consider with regards that title opportunity. According to KAOS, the decision is in ELITE’s hands.

KAOS wishes everyone a good show before calling for the first match. KAOS had a brief interaction with his WMD compatriots heading to the ring for the match. This will be a Trios Match with WMD represented by Pyro, Arshad Shirdel and El Fritzador. They will be facing two of KAOS’ friends, Nas and Woo of UNRD with Tigre Cosmico.


Spoiler: show
Pyro lead his team to victory in a fast paced match with El Fritzador scoring the pin over Woo Daddy. Team WMD celebrated with the fans at ringside before proceeding to the back.

It’s now time for the Special Challenge match. At WMDtv#15, Kripplin Kristofferson made his debut facing an overconfident giant, Big Bad Shaw. Shaw underestimated his opponent and ended up on the losing end of the match. Shaw didn’t just lost the match, he was humiliated by Kristofferson. Shaw challenges Kristofferson for a rematch, claiming that he was not ready to face Kristofferson and his opponent took advantage of that situation. Kristofferson, always up for the fight, accepted the challenge.


Spoiler: show
With a sick Brainbuster, Kristofferson proves that his debut victory was not a fluke. Not enough with the win, Kristofferson continued his attack on Shaw, focusing on his neck. Kristofferson threw the giant to the ring post and then the barricade. He left his opponent being attended by the medical personnel at ring side.

This is the time that the fans and WMD loyalist inside Ground Zero has been waiting for. The last Main Event of the year. At the end of this match, a new ANARCHY Tag Team champions will be
Crowned. This match will be under the “ ROYALE ROAD ATTRITION “ rules. The match will be between The Pibulls teaming up with the team of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. They will go against the team of Kazuo Saji and Dissmastr Droid and the team of Flippo Jaeger and Chad Fukushima. With everyone already inside the ring, the new ANARCHY Tag titles were proudly showed to all the combatants. Both sides have decided to have Emu Kid and Dr01d to start the match for their team respectively.


Spoiler: show
The ref calls for the bell to end an amazing match. Ground Zero giving all the combatants a standing ovation in appreciation of their display. All four tag teams showed good sportsmanship by exchanging handshakes to end the match. KAOS came down to the ring and lead the fans for another round of applause. KAOS then took the mic from ringside and says that since they didn’t have a definite answer to the question, fans and the WMD loyalist will have to wait another week to find out who are the new ANARCHY Tag Team Champions. KAOS announced that the two victorious tag team will face each other on the first episode of WMDtv of the new year.

The last episode of WMDtv for 2016 ends with a promise of another exciting year ahead and a bright future for WMD in 2017.

Re: WMDTV / WMD:CoupD'Etat Show hub

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 12:58 pm
by bfx

The first episode of WMDtv of the new year opens with the final moments of the last Main Event of last year. The Royal Road Attrition Rules match for the new ANARCHY Tag Team titles. The match ends with Peruvian Dragon and Koji Ke’Oke as the two remaining survivors from their side. Now they and their tag partners, Emu Kid and Scorpio Kid respectively, will face each other in the Main Event to be crowned the new ANARCHY Tag Team Champions.

As per usual, the camera scans the fans and WMD loyalists in the arena affectionately known as Ground Zero. Ground Zero erupted as the intro to WMD’s theme is heard in the arena’s PA system. For the first time this year, everyone in Ground Zero in unison finishes Jack Nicholson’s Joker’s infamous line.. “ Have you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?.. “. This brings out WMD’s De Facto voice, KAOS, to the ring.

KAOS welcomes everyone to the new year. KAOS promises everyone that WMD will continue to consistently deliver the best in competition and proud to remind everyone that WMD has been given the rights to host the Championship match for the FPCPP Tag Team titles at the next WMD:CoupD’Etat. The four teams will battle under Royale Road Attrition Rules match with winners crowned as the new FPCPP Tag Team Champions. KAOS reminds everyone that tonight, they will also crown the new ANARCHY Tag champions at the end of the night. As an added motivation, the ANARCHY Tag champions will have the opportunity to become dual champions as they will also compete for the FPCPP Tag Titles. This is greeted with “ YES “ chants by the fans in Ground Zero.

KAOS jokes that tonight they will also see the beginning of ELITE’s implosion as they will face each other in the first match of a best of 5 series. Again, Ground Zero erupts with “ YES “ chants. KAOS let the fans get it out of their system before calling for the first match of the night, an 8 men Battle Royale for the chance to compete against TOXIK for the Interpromotional Championship. The participants are D1ssmastr Dr01d, UNRD’s Nasty Nas, Tigre Cosmico, Shinobu, Bagha Prince, Daebak Kid, Will Craddock and WMD’s own Fardeem Al Urdunn.


Spoiler: show
An impressive win by Will Craddock with successive Death Star Destroyers on his last two opponents. As Craddock celebrate his victory, out comes the Interpromotional Champion, TOXIK to confront his new challenger. They have a few words before shaking hands to mark the challenge accepted. TOXIK left Will Craddock to continue his celebration. We can expect an exciting battle between these two, next week.

Up next is the first match of the Best of 5 series between ELITE teammates, The Chon and Tyler Alexander. Even though they are tag partners, these two almost killed each other the last time they face each other. Both of them excel in competition even against each other. Considering the history between WMD and ELITE, it is understandable that they will receive negative reception from the WMD loyalist in Ground Zero. Chorus of boos echoes as their names are announced, even as both of them begins with a handshake before the bell.


Spoiler: show
This first match in the series ends with an underwhelming school boy pinning combination, at least in the eyes of the WMD loyalists. These bloodthirsty fans in Ground Zero were expecting them to tear each other limb from limb. They had a few words but only ends with The Chon raising Tyler’s hand in victory. Both ELITE members left the ring together to a chorus of boos from the fans.

Up next is the first MAIN EVENT of the new year. It is the Tag Match to crown the new ANARCHY Tag Team Champions. Not only will the winners be crowned new champions, they will also earn the opportunity to challenge for the FPCPP Tag Team Champions at WMD:CoupD’Etat and become dual Champions. Up first are the tag team with the most experience tagging together between these two teams. It is the International Pitbulls, Koji Ke’Oke and Scorpio Kid. Next is the team that only began pairing with each other for the last Tag Team Tournament hosted by WMD, Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. The two teams have their customary handshake before a championship match. The ref calls for the bell.


Spoiler: show
Ground Zero erupted in cheers as the ref call for the bell to end the match. After an awesome tag team match, it took a dangerous move to be the decisive blow for the result. A backdrop from the top rope and pin later, the NEW ANARCHY Tag Team Champions are the Pitbulls. PD and Emu looks on as Koji and Scorp celebrated their victory. KAOS makes his way to the ring with both tag belts on his shoulders. He is looking to present the champions with their prize. KAOS entered through the ropes but is intercepted by PD. He has some words with KAOS before KAOS hands him both the belts. The Pitbulls and Emu are confused on what’s happening. PD hands Emu one of the belt. PD stared at his partner and then the champions before handing the belt in his hand to Koji. Ground Zero cheered in approval as Emu followed suit and present the belt to Scorpio Kid.

Ground Zero applauds for a good show of sportsmanship as PD and Emu raises both the Pitbulls arm in victory before leaving the champions to celebrate their victory.

This episode ends with The ANARCHY Tag Champions celebrating in the ring with their championship belts as streamers filled the ring.

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Posted: Thu Mar 30, 2017 8:19 pm
by bfx
Spoiler: show
8 competitors stepped into the ring to battle for the right to challenge the unbeaten TOXIK for his Interpromotional Championship. Newcomer Will Craddock was the last man standing, surviving the challenge from D1ssmastr Dr01d, Shinobu, Daebak Kid, Bagha Prince, Nasty Nas, Tigre Cosmico and WMD’s Fardem al Urdunn. Will Craddock and TOXIK scheduled to face each other on tonight’s show.

In order to determine the rightful #1 contender for Mick Garland’s ANARCHY Championship, KAOS challenges both ELITE members to a best of 5 matches. Both Tyler Alexander and The Chon, known for their fighting spirit, really took the fight to each other. At the end of the match, Tyler Alexander won match of the series. Two more victories and Tyler will face Mick Garland at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV.

The new ANARCHY Tag Champions were crowned on the show. The Pitbulls defeated the team of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid to not only won the ANARCHY Tag titles but also earn themselves the chance to be dual champs as they will be involved in the Royale Attrition Road match, 4 teams tag team elimination match for the FPCPP Tag Team Championship at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV.


The show opens with the usual images of Ground Zero with WMD Loyalists and fans hyped for the show. Ground Zero erupts as the ANARCHY Champ, Mick Garland appeared from the back. Mick, in a suit with both ANARCHY titles on him, stands in between the fans and scans the arena before making his way to the ring. He is given a mic.

Mick's head is lowered, his black and white streaked hair hanging lank over his face, he raises a mic to his downcast face and that gravelly texas drawl rumbles out, "Tyler versus Chon, Bai Hu vs Tyler, Chon vs Bai Hu..." Mick slowly growls out letting the slow repetition grate, " know whose name I don't hear!" At this point Mick raises his head and stares straight into camera with those pale, dead eyes, unblinking, "Mick Garland... Anarchy Champion, Mick Garland... who beat Tyler and Bai Hu... one by one on the same damn night."

Mick slaps the front plate of the new ANARCHY title belt on his shoulder with his free hand, and the old title around his waist, starts to slowly, purposefully stride the ring now in circles as he talks, "Those men are irrelevant, relics of the past that should be buried with all the other bodies.. stacked up like cordwood behind me... a 5 match series without meaning." Mick runs his huge ham-hock of a hand through that white streak of hair, throwing his head back, "What I need... what the fans need... is a fresh challenge. So to all the boys out the back or hell, to anyone listening, who hasn't already gone down for the Dirt Nap, if you want a piece of me then come get you some.... this is an open challenge, to the future-dead."

Suddenly, everyone’s attention turned to someone making his way from the back. Wearing a black hoodie with his recognizable mask on, Bullshit makes his way to the ring. Bullshit asks for a mic. He pauses before addressing the champ as Ground Zero in unison chants his name..

Mick Foley? Longest Anarchy Champ? MANNNNN THAT'S SOME BULLSHIT! The only reason you're still Anarchy Champ is because Wonderland doesn't want the title! Let me break this down for your Micky're a little bit out of your league, and I think you might actually be in the wrong sport.. But I'll tell you what Mickey Mouse, it's about time to punish you for the years of racism in Disney's past, so I'm here to answer this open challenge, and knock those shiny ears off your head!

Both Mick and Bullshit got into each other’s face as the fans cheered in approval of the match up. Ground Zero again erupts as the intro to WMD’s theme is heard through the PA which brings out WMD’s De Facto voice, KAOS. KAOS and a few of the arena’s bouncers rushed to the ring. KAOS interject himself in between the two. KAOS grabs a mic and address the situation.

What a way to open the show ( giggles ) champ.. ( turning his attention to Bullshit ) and you ( giggles )… I was expecting someone else.. ( giggles ).. no biggie.. I know you’ll be a big enough challenge for him.. ( turning his attention back to the ANARCHY champ ) so what do you say, champ? Challenge ( giggles ) answered?..

KAOS says something inaudible which prompted Bullshit to extend his hand. Without hesitation, Mick Garland accepts the handshake symbolising both agreeing for the match. The fans cheered in approval. Both opponents, first Bullshit followed by Mick Garland, left the ring and made their way to the back. KAOS then calls for the first match of the night. Making his way first to the ring is a debuting Daniel Fauxx. Next is the much anticipated delayed debut of an European wrestler, Niemand “ The Bear “ Bearbeitin. Both are preparing to square off against each other when KAOS stopped the ref before he could call for the bell. KAOS revealed that there is a change made to the match. The match is now a tag match with a twist. KAOS revealed that the match will be an ANARCHY Rules Tag Match. KAOS then revealed their opponent.. WMD’s KILLER BOMB SQUAD.

WMD's KILLER BOMB SQUAD Vs Niemand " The Bear " Bearbeitin / Daniel Fauxx

Spoiler: show
KBS continued their attack with 88 hitting a Bizarro punch on Fauxx who was in a bear hug by Rhaegoes. The Bear quickly rolled out of the ring scrambling to the back leaving his tag partner falling victim to another double team powerbomb from KBS. 88 and Rhaegoes stands over the lifeless body of their victim as medics rush to check on him. KBS left the ring with the medics and the still dazed Daniel Fauxx shortly after that.

News from the back confirms that Mick Garland will defend his ANARCHY title against Bullshit tonight. The match will take place after the destruction of ELITE round 2.

Next is a singles match between Flippo Jaeger and Spirit Dragon. Jaeger who is on an impressive undefeated streak in a singles match, looks to extend that streak against his opponent who previously appeared for the now closed AZTECA Pro.

Flippo Jaeger Vs Spirit Dragon

Spoiler: show
Jaeger looked around as the fans cheered for his victory. He turned to his opponent and hits a superkick that knocks him down. Despite that, the fans in Ground Zero still cheered for Jaeger as he makes his way to the back. The ref checked on Spirit Dragon and helped him up. Clearly upset, Spirit Dragon makes his way to the back. This is definitely not over between the two

The next match is one that the WMD loyalist has been waiting for. It’s the second match in the best of 5 series between Tyler Alexander and The Chon. Tyler Alexander leads the series with a victory over his tag partner.

The Chon Vs Tyler Alexander

Spoiler: show
With a Dogma of the Damned, Ground Zero erupts as they’ve witness ELITE taking another step towards implosion. Tyler Alexander instinctively celebrated his victory for a brief moment before he checked on his tag partner. The Chon brushes off Tyler and makes his way to the back with Tyler chasing after him. As of now, the score is Tyler Alexander up two victories over The Chon. He only needs one more victory to earn a date with the ANARCHY Champion at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV

Up next, is the impromptu Co Main Event for tonight’s show. The ANARCHY Champion’s open challenge. Mick Garland laid down the open challenge to anyone to face him for the title. The challenge was answered by Bullshit. News from back claims that the ANARCHY Champ, Mick Garland wanted the match to come on before the original sole Main Event, the Interpromotional Title Match, as Mick believes that he will make quick work of Bullshit.

With both competitors already in the ring and the championship introduction done, the ref calls for the bell.

ANARCHY Championship Open Challenge

Mick Garland ( C ) Vs Bullshit

Spoiler: show
After picking himself up and with both ANARCHY titles in hand, Mick Garland left to the back. He is upset with the result and so is the majority of Ground Zero. Mick Garland manages to turn around and watches Bullshit still arguing with ref regarding the decision.

The scheduled Interpromotional Title match between TOXIK and Will Craddock has to be postponed due to the previous match length exceeded the allocated TV time. We will have to wait for the match on the next episode.

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by bfx
Previously on WMDtv
Spoiler: show
Flippo Jaeger continued his winning streak by defeating Spirit Dragon. However, his after the match is the talking point of the match. Jaeger delivers a statement with a superkick to his opponent post match.

Killer Bomb Squad acted as WMD’s welcoming committee as they welcomed both Daniel Fauxx and the much anticipated Niemand “ The Bear “ Bearbeitin to the show, the way they know how, in an ANARCHY rules tag match. Both #88 and Rhaegoes showed their dominance as they obliterated their opponents. With that victory, they will challenge the reigning ANARCHY tag champs, the Pitbulls on WMDtv#20.

The ELITE best of 5 series, sees Tyler notching up another win against his partner, The Chon. Tyler will only need one more match to secure his one on one match against The ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV.

Mick Garland manages to leave the show still the reigning ANARCHY Champion after he survived the challenge of Bullshit. This impromptu, and some would consider this a warm up match for the champ, ended in a hard fought time limit draw. This match ended bumping the Interpromotional Championship match off the card.


The show opens with the usual shots of the WMD loyalist and fans in Ground Zero pumped up for the show. Ground Zero erupted as the iconic’s Joker’s line is heard in the arena. With a thunderous chorus of last part of Joker’s line from the WMD loyalist, out comes WMD’s De Facto voice to the ring. As usual, KAOS welcomes everyone to the show and promises an exciting show. KAOS revealed that with two more weeks before CoupD’Etat, they are working hard to ensure that they have an awesome card. KAOS promises that tonight’s show will reveal at least two matches for CoupD’Etat.

With that said, KAOS wishes everyone a great show and calls out the first match. The next match is a match with Asian ingredients. The first match off the night is between Korea’s Daebak Kid vs Chad Fukushima who has Japanese roots.

Chad Fukushima Vs Daebak Kid

Spoiler: show
With a Gaijin Deathlock, Fukushima scored a victory over his opponent. As a sign of respect and good sportsmanship, Fukushima extended his hand which is accepted by Daebak Kid. Suddenly, in comes Fukushima’s tag partner sliding into the ring before striking Daebak Kid down with a superkick. A surprised Fukushima just looks on at his partner's action. Without saying a word, they left the ring together.

Before the PA could call for the next match, out comes Kripplin Kristofferson to the ring. The last we heard of him, he was called to face the FPCPP board to answer for his attack on D1ssmast3r Dr01d. The fans booed him as he reaches for a mic. Seems he has something to say.

"I bet you all thought I was fired eh? From what I've heard since the last show, some of you chumps think that I should have been too.

"That's something I just can't wrap my head around. That there are people in this room who think a fellow human being, a man who has trained all his life and sacrificed his body for the sport you love, that a man such as this should lose his job in favour of a machine.

"We'll guess what? The only charges FPCPP could throw at me is damage to company property because you can't assault or attempt to murder a robot. So I've paid my fine and had my wrist slapped. And I'll pay it again as soon as that creep is back in service but this time I'll make sure it never leaves the scrapyard.

"I'm only out here tonight because THEY requested I explain my actions so here it goes: Droids do not belong in wrestling. They are taking the place of real hard working men who are trying to pay their bills and put food on the family table.

"Now, I know I'm not the only one in the locker room who is worried where the introduction of Droids to this company might lead. These things don't need medical insurance, they don't ask for a pay cheque, they don't complain if they don't get the title shot they deserve. If someone doesn't make a stand now, in 10 years time they will take over this company and we will be the last generation of human wrestlers.

"These things are going to just get built to be faster, stronger and tougher to break so if anyone in the back wants to secure their future or the future of any of the academy kids join me now in driving these machines away while we still can."
With a mixture of boos and cheers from the fans, Kristofferon dropped the mic and made his way to the back. Guess, some of the fans liked his rebellious attitude.

Now, for the next match. It’s the 3rd match in the ELITE best of 5 series and tonight’s Co MAIN EVENT. Again, this match is between ELITE tag partners Tyler Alexander and The Chon for the right to challenge The ANARCHY Champion at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV. As it stands, Tyler has two victories over his partner and just need to one more win to close the series.

ELITE Best of 5 Series Match #3

Tyler Alexander Vs The Chon

Spoiler: show
Business just picked up as The Chon scored a win in the series. With a three count, The Chon just made it a little bit harder for Tyler in the series. The two had a brief interaction before Tyler raises Chon’s hand and left his partner to celebrate his victory.

Up next is the other Co MAIN EVENT. This match was scheduled to be the Main Event of the previous show but was bumped off the show due to the previous match overran the allotted slot. Tonight we will see the Interpromotional Champion, TOXIK faces the challenge from a new rising star, Will Craddock who earned the title shot after winning a Battle Royal. We will see if Craddock and his Death Star Destroyer, the DSD, can dethrone TOXIK who have 30th successful title defense under his belt.

Interpromotional Title Match

TOXIK ( C ) Vs Will Craddock

Spoiler: show
The bell rung, a new champion crowned but we have both champion and former champion lying motionless as their attacker stands over them. As the champion celebrated his win, his big attacker rolled into the ring and blindsided him. TOXIK without hesitant, rushed back to the ring to help the man who just beaten him. Unfortunately, he is also no match to the attacker. With two Vulcan’s Hammah, he laid out both combatant.

The show ends as medics comes in to attend both Will Craddock and TOXIK as they see their attacker heading to the back.

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by bfx
Previously on WMDtv
Spoiler: show
Chad Fukushima returned to the ring facing Kim Yong-Sun, The Daebak Kid in an exciting match. Unfortunately, the talking point is not the match but what happened next. With Chad Fukushima celebrating his victory, his tag partner Flippo Jaeger came to the ring and superkicked Daebak kid. The young guns are making a statement.

Tyler Alexander’s route to the ANARCHY Championship match hit a roadblock as his ELITE tag partner, The Chon forces The ELITE best of 5 series into match #4 with a victory in match #3. Tyler must win the 4th match in the series or facing the risk of competing three times in WMD:CoupD’Etat IV. Easier said than done with The Chon trying his best to defend his right to challenge the ANARCHY Champion.

The Interpromotional Championship was contested in the Main Event. TOXIK’s undefeated reign has finally ended by Will Craddock. Unfortunately, Craddock was not able to celebrate his victory as both the champion and former champion were attacked by Vulcan Vesuvius.


The show opens as usual with the camera scanning the arena affectionally known as Ground Zero by the fans and WMD loyalist. Like always, we have some crazy fans tonight. Ground Zero erupted as WMD’s theme is played and in unison the arena finishes Jack Nicholson’s iconic Joker’s line. This brings out WMD’s De Facto voice to the ring.

KAOS welcomes everyone to tonight’s show. KAOS reminds everyone that tonight, not only are they edging closer to the 4th take over, this is also the landmark 20th episode of the show. To celebrate the landmark event, all the matches tonight are all Main Event matches. The ANARCHY Tag Title will be on the line, The Interpromotional Title rematch and the first match of the night. KAOS dubs this match as the nail in ELITE’s coffin. With the history between ELITE and WMD, it’s not a surprise as Ground Zero in unison chanting “ YES “ to KAOS’s joke. KAOS Wishes everyone a good show tonight before heading to the back.

ELITE Best of 5 Series

The Chon ( 1 ) Vs Tyler Alexander ( 2 )

Spoiler: show
With the ref counting three, the series has drawn to two matches a piece. Tyler Alexander is clearly disappointed with the result. The Chon can’t hide his pleasure with victory as he half heartedly taunted his partner. Tyler left the ring first with The Chon shortly after.

The next match is the rematch for the Interpromotional Title. TOXIK had his impressive undefeated streak title reign ended by newcomer, Will Craddock. Despite falling victim to an ambush by Vulcan Vesuvius post match, both champion and former champion has agreed to fight one more time for the title.

Interpromotional Title Rematch

Will Craddock ( C ) Vs TOXIK

Spoiler: show
For the second time, Vulcan has made himself the spoiler of this match. This time he didn’t waited for the match to end, instead Vulcan causes the ref to throw out the match because of his interference. Both Will Craddock and TOXIK tried to fight off Vulcan but with a steel chair in Vulcan’s hands they were left knocked out in the middle of the ring. Vulcan grabs the Interpromotional title and the mic. Vulcan declares that he wants the title. Vulcan drops the title in the ring with his victims again lying in the ring before returning to the back.

The medics rushes to the ring to attend to the aftermath of the previous match. They took both champion and former champion to the back. Ground Zero applauded both competitors as they both made their way to the back on their own two feet.

The next match is a match that outsiders calling WMD flexing their booking muscle. WMD has put their Killer Bomb Squad in a position to not only challenge for the ANARCHY Tag Titles, but also replace the current champions, The Pitbulls, in the Royale Attrition Road match for the FPCPP Tag Titles ( Interim ) at the upcoming WMD; CoupD’Etat IV.

ANARCHY Tag Team Championship Match

Pitbulls ( C ) Vs WMD's Killer Bomb Squad

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero stunned as the Pitbulls manages to defend their titles. After the shock of defeat fades, KBS attacked the champions. They are determined to put both Koji and Scorp on the shelf. Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid rushes to the ring for the save and manages to throw KBS out of the ring. Both #88 and Rhaegoes wanted to return to the ring but was ordered back by a very upset KAOS. KAOS made his way inside the ring and confronted both PD and Emu kid. PD and KAOS exchanges some heated words. KAOS then calls for the mic before announces that KBS will face PD and Emu at WMD:CoupD’Etat IV for the right to challenge for ANARCHY Tag Titles. With that, KAOS orders everyone to leave the ring.

KAOS addresses the fans in Ground Zero. He pointed out that due to the result of the ELITE Best of 5 series has effected one of the Main Event of WMD:CoupD’Etat IV. Despite his effort, KAOS apologises that WMD can’t legally put ELITE in three matches in one night. This is received with a chorus of boos. KAOS reminded everyone that ELITE is also involved with the Royale Attrition Road match for the FPCPP Tag Title ( Interim ).

KAOS hinted that the ANARCHY Champion has an unfinished business and recommends that Mick Garland finishes the job. With that, KAOS revealed the opponent that Mick Garland had to face on the next WMD:CoupD’Etat IV.

Spoiler: show
The show ends with Ground Zero in unison chanting “ BullShit, BullShit, BullShit “

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by bfx

The show opens with the camera scanning the arena affectionately known as Ground Zero. The fans in attendance and the WMD loyalist are as rapturous and rowdy as usual. They are excited for tonight’s show. Ground Zero erupted as The Rebel Scum’s intro to Stairwells, WMD’s theme is heard around the arena. Ground Zero in unison finishes the Joker’s line as WMD’s De Facto voice appeared from the back. KAOS takes his time to the ring, soaking in the cheer from Ground Zero. KAOS made his way to the ring and asked for the mic.

KAOS welcomes everyone to the show. He promises tonight will be an historic night in their organisation’s life as they will host an FPCPP Championship match. Since it’s inception, WMD’s main objective is to show the general wrestling fans that there is an alternative to the FPCPP. KAOS, arrogantly claims that they are doing FPCPP a favour by hosting the match to crown a new FPCPP Tag Team Champions. They are giving FPCPP some well needed life support. KAOS calls the camera to zoom in to his face. The camera focuses on his face as a smile is visible from under his red beard. KAOS says on behalf of everyone here, “ You’re welcome “. Ground Zero applauds the statement.

KAOS reminds everyone that tonight will also be a special night as they will see the result of this social experiment that they have running for the last four weeks prior to tonight’s show. Tonight they will see how strong is the partnership between ELITE as they will face each other in one match and later they have to team with each other in another match. Both matches are with great significance to two championship titles. KAOS confess that personally, he wishes that ELITE will kill each other but he also wants a good main event later. KAOS then says that despite WMD’s animosity towards ELITE, he must be professional and wishes ELITE, and every participant tonight, good luck. KAOS wishes Ground Zero a good show and calls for the first match, ELITE best of 5 series finale.

Tyler Alexander ( 2 ) Vs The Chon ( 2 )

Spoiler: show
The blood thirsty Ground Zero booed the result. They were hoping for some brutality between these two tag partners. Despite some strong offense form both competitors, it took a roll up to finally decide the #1 contender for the ANARCHY Championship.

Both Tyler and The Chon stared at each other. They had a few words before the winner extends his hand. It is slapped away, but before anyone could speculate a break up between them, ELITE embraces each other and both Tyler Alexander and The Chon raises each other hands. As expected, Ground Zero booed this. With the #1 contender already named, ELITE makes their way to the back. Now, they will use this time to heal themselves before they return to the ring as a team and take their spot in the main event.

The next match will be a match between WMD’s Killer Bomb Squad against the team of Peruvian Dragon and Emu Kid. This match will be contested under ANARCHY Rules and it will be for the #1 contendership to the ANARCHY Tag Team Championship. There is some bad blood between these two teams as PD and Emu believed that KBS tried to, unsuccessfully, steal their spot to challenge for the right to face the ANARCHY Tag Team Champions, The Pitbulls. Tonight, both team will seek to definitely write their names as the undisputed challengers to the title.

Peruvian Dragon / Emu Kid Vs WMD’s Killer Bomb Squad

Spoiler: show
The ref calls for the bell but the action is still going on inside the ring. KBS still continuing their attack on PD. Emu came in back to the ring with steel chair in hand and go after 88 and Rhaegos. Both four men continue to fight which prompted for the ref to call for the arena bouncers to pull these two team apart despite the fans in Ground Zero calling to let them fight. After a heated few moment, the bouncers manages to clear the ring and securely lead both team to the back.

Up next, is a match billed as a “ Man vs Machine “ grudge match. This match was booked between these two after Dr01d challenges Kristofferson looking for some retribution after Kristofferson brutally attacked him and nearly sending Dr01d to the junkyard. Kristofferson claimed that his action is warranted as he believes that he is protecting his right to compete. He believes that androids shouldn’t be allowed to even take part in any form of competition that is meant for human competitors. Looking around Ground Zero, we see some of the fans in attendance share Kristofferson’s views from the anti android signs visible.

Kripplin Kristofferson Vs D1ssmast3r Dr01d

Spoiler: show
The ref calls for the bell after Dr01d tapped to the Rites of Passage. Despite the victory, we can see Kristofferson’s shocked expression under his crimson mask. He underestimated Dr01d. Kristofferson complaint to the ref, suspecting Dr01d could have used some external software that gave Dr01d some added aggression. During this, out comes Niemand Bearbeitin to the ring attacking Dr01d. The giant, Big Bad Shaw also made his way to the ring. He also attacked Dr01d. Kristofferson joins the attack and nearly decapitated Dr01d when he grabbed a steel pipe and continuously striked the android’s head as both the giant and the bear held Dr01d down. They failed in their attempt as the arena bouncers are again called in to take charge of the situation. As proof of their unity, the trio grabbed one of the anti android signs from the fans and held it together towards the camera. Dr01d was later taken to the back with his technician attending to his damages.

Next, is the first of three title matches tonight. This match is for the Interpromotional Title and will be contested under Triple Threat rule. The Interpromotional Champion, Will Craddock, must defend his newly won title against the former champion, TOXIK and Vulcan Vesuvius, who forced himself into this title match by attacking both champion and former champion. We’ll see if Craddock manages to survive his two challengers and retain the gold.

Will Craddock ( C ) Vs TOXIK Vs Vulcan Vesuvius

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero was stunned as the ref calls for the bell and raised Vulcan’s hand as the victor. Vulcan grabbed the title belt and mocked both his opponents. Both TOXIK and Craddock can’t believe what happened, especially Craddock who is clearly disappointed with the loss. They both left the ring as Vulcan still celebrated his win. After a few moment, Vulcan proceed to the back with the Interpromotional title raised.

Now is the time for tonight’s co main event. The ANARCHY Champion, Mick Garland, will face the only challenger that has pushed him to the limit. The last time these two has met, Bullshit forces the champion to a time limit draw. WMD’s match makers has forced Mick Garland into this match claiming it as an unfinished business for the champion. Ground Zero made their feelings known as they chant for the challenger during the champion’s entrance up until the bell is called by the ref.


Mick Garland ( C ) Vs Bullshit

Spoiler: show
With a devastating clothesline, Mick Garland manages to score the win and retain his ANARCHY Title. Mick grabs his belt and flaunt it front of the defeated Bullshit. They had a few words before Mick just brushes off Bullshit and continued his celebration. Mick’s celebration way past into the next match on the card. As the ANARCHY Champion made his way to the back, he comes face to face with his next challenger as ELITE are called to the ring for the next main event. Mick chose to pay no attention to both The Chon and Tyler Alexander as he walk pass them to the back. This show of disrespect from the champion does not goes down well with ELITE but they have to put that to aside as they have business to attend to.

This is the main event of the night. As KAOS said previously, personally he believes that WMD are doing FPCPP a huge favour by hosting this title match. After a long Tag Team Tournament, also hosted by WMD, we will have four teams competing in a special match to be crown the interim FPCPP Tag Team Champions. The match will be contested under the Royale Attrition Road Rules match. The four teams will be divided into two sides, forcing two team to work with each other in an elimination tag match. The remaining member of the tag team still standing will win the tag titles for his team.

With the four teams already in the ring, KAOS lead some FPCPP officials to the ring as they bring out the FPCPP Tag Titles to the ring to give all the competitors extra motivation on the prize awaiting for them. The ref calls both the sides to the centre of the ring for the pre championship match formalities. Right, this is it..


ELITE / Children Of Liberty Vs SkullXBones / ANARCHY Tag Champions, Pitbulls

Spoiler: show
Ground Zero erupted as the ref calls for the bell. Their reaction are not so much for who the victors are but on how it is won as well as for the performance of all the competitors in the match. Everyone in Ground Zero gave these eight men, yes including ELITE, a standing ovation.

Dejected and defeated, the three teams left the ring to the back as the FPCPP officials climbed into the ring for the champions ceremony. Ground Zero bears witness as the FPCPP Tag Team Title are handed over to the newly crowned champions. Champions that defied all expectation and adversities to finally be crowned as champions.

The show ends with the champions celebrating in the ring, Ground Zero applauding with red, white and blue streamers filling up the ring.


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