W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

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W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

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The home for W.E.W. and W.E.W. NuVu

W.E.W. History

Formed 4 years ago WEW (World Entertaining Wrestling), led by owner and head booker Sammy Kong brought together young talent from all over the world to form an exciting upstart organisation.


WEW's ranks were further bolstered as time went on by the pan-organisational reinvigorate program to bring through a new generation of young lions.
Sadly WEW was forced to close due to financial difficulties right at the peak and culmination of a number of leagues and tournaments held to crown new champions for all the, otherwise vacant, titles.

Happily after a little under a year out of the scene WEW resurfaces with a T.V. deal no less with an Osaka based production company.
WEW's return show was a blockbuster; capping off all the previous competitions with title bouts featuring those competitors leading the leagues and tournaments.

Full Roster Image

Top Row = Heavyweights
2nd & 3rd Rows = Freeweights
4th Row = Lightweights

Wrestler Profiles

Sammy Kong
Spoiler: show
Sammy Kong (known affectionately as "Slappy" Sammy Kong) was a former superstar in Japan, rising to the top despite his Korean heritage.
Sammy still competes and is a force in the heavyweight division (and the tag division with his regular partner El Loco), however he knows it is time to pass the torch and does not abuse his backstage power.

Spoiler: show
The man known simply as Fortress is a mountain of a man, the quintessential gaijin monster.
Born to an African-American father and Samoan mother he has American citizenship.
Fortress is a power wrestler who shows little respect to his opponents and is undoubtedly the most dominant force in the WEW.

Don Henway
Spoiler: show
Don Henway is one of the largest competitors in the WEW, a big bear of a man from the Canadian wilds.
He uses his enormous, crushing, strength and arsenal of vicious throws to break his opponent's spirits.

Jack Bryant
Spoiler: show
Jack Bryant is an enigmatic English wrestler who came to the ring via a twisted path; originally a judoka competing for the British Olympic team he then went to Japan to compete in Sumo before being spotted and trained by Genichiro Tenryu.
Jack's style is perhaps the most unique of all WEW competitors mixing Judo throws with Sumo power moves and Puro staples.

Dr. Dooley
Spoiler: show
Dr. Dooley is one of the most feared wrestlers in the WEW; he takes any shortcut to victory he can including using foreign objects and even a sharpened fork!
He is a huge force to be reckoned with in the WEW, his finisher a fireball attack he calls simply "Big Fire" is one of the most effective and terrifying in all of the WEW.
He is notorious for having his matches degenerate into brawls on the outside resulting in count-outs and double count-outs which only add to his heel heat.

Kenzo Honda
Spoiler: show
Kenzo Honda is a young Japanese big man unusually trained overseas by Johnny Ace and Dr. Death Steve Williams. This big man has a sense of humour to match his size and forms part of "Neo Blood Gen" with Fumio Nori.

Janus Moeller
Spoiler: show
Janus Moeller was a German born Olympian who now has US citizenship and a Japanese work permit.
He wrestles a straightforward, powerful, classic style that harks back to a golden era of puro.


Long Walker
Spoiler: show
Long Walker is an American heavyweight of American Indian heritage. He wrestles a unique style and is renowned for his flexibility in the ring having carried many lesser wrestler to the best matches of their careers.
When facing wrestlers of his own calibre the results can be spectacular as was seen in a series of classic matches between Walker and Ken Takano.
He forms one half of the "Northern Lights" tag team along with his partner Don Henway.

Shin Kedomu
Spoiler: show
Shin Kedomu is a taciturn and stern fighter who employs a Japanese strong style straight from the NJPW playbook.
He tags with Dr. Dooley as one half of the "Powers of Pain".

Dasher Yano
Spoiler: show
Dasher Yano is one of the few wrestlers in the WEW to have come from a garbage wrestling background and his body bears the scars.
Trained by Shinjiro Ohtani and Ishii Tomohiro and scouted as part of the Reinvigorate program he is an underdog the crowd love to get behind.

Masa Okamura
Spoiler: show
Masa Okamura, informally known as the "Sherriff of Lariat-Town" was picked up via the Reinvigorate talent development program.
Trained by Blue Wolf and Mighty Inoue he has forged his own strong style and comes to bouts with an eye to blitz his opponent.
One of the most exciting new arrivals to the WEW roster.

Fumio Nori
Spoiler: show
Fumio Nori is a technical, if rowdy, Freeweight who came to the WEW thanks to the Reinvigorate talent scouting program.
He enjoys success in both singles competition and as part of the most popular (at least with younger fans) tag team in the WEW "Neo Blood Gen" with another new talent Kenzo Honda.
He was trained by Norio Honaga and Mr. Gannosuke.

Danny Hoskins
Spoiler: show
Danny Hoskins is a hell raising English wrestler as adept with his fists as he is with his holds. His finisher the "Tower of London" is feared and renowned in the WEW locker room.

Ken Takano
Spoiler: show
Ken Takano employs a highly technical catch-as-catch-can style of wrestling reminiscent of European catch wrestling or Japan's MUGA movement.
He is responsible for the most highly rated matches in WEW history and is a consistent performer.
He forms part of "MUGA x Attitude" alongside Comet Sataki.

Marvin Williams
Spoiler: show
Marvin Williams was an alternate Olympic wrestler for the USA before coming to the WWE. He is known for losing his temper in matches and switching from a clean, technical style to throwing fists with abandon and dumping opponents on their heads.

Tracey Griggs
Spoiler: show
Tracey Griggs is a high flying, technical, American Freeweight wrestler who studied tapes of superstars from the pre-WWF era of territories and the dominance of the NWA titles.
He forms one half of the "East/West Express" alongside Bunta Saito.

Brian Deakin
Spoiler: show
Brian Deakin is an American catch-wrestler who brings a hybrid shoot/puro style to WEW. Notorious for his ground control and ability to work a match as his pace.

Samoa Kid
Spoiler: show
The Samoa Kid is a wild-man in many respects, no-one knows what he's going to do next in the ring.
He is as unpredictable as he is entertaining and a force in the Lightweight division.

The Hispanic Mechanic
Spoiler: show
The Hispanic Mechanic is a masked rudo wrestler brought in from Mexico to feud with the smaller El Loco.
He wrestles a slower more technical style of match employing an arsenal of eye (and ligament) popping submission holds, a real stretching machine.


Shiima Ryuda
Spoiler: show
Shiima Ryuda is a hybrid wrestler with some experience in the Pancrase organisation, his style is crisp, accurate and focussed and his ground control and ground work is pristine.

Bunta Saito
Spoiler: show
Bunta Saito is a plucky, young wrestler who gives his all in the ring. His matches are typically high tempo affairs despite his use of painful submission holds.
He is part of the "East/West Express" tag team along with Tracey Griggs.
He came to the WEW as part of the Reinvigorate program and was trained by Watoru Inoue and Shinjiro Ohtani

El Suicida
Spoiler: show
El Suicida is a Mexican lightweight luchadore who wrestles with little regard for his own health and safety. This daredevil style has endeared him to the fans.

Comet Sataki
Spoiler: show
Comet Sataki is a hell raising Lightweight who's style has evolved from his younger highflying days into a rather more vicious style that sees him take a few shortcuts here and there.
He tags with Ken Takano as part of "MUGA x Attitude" though his recent heelish behaviour is a source of tension in the team.

El Loco
Spoiler: show
El Loco is a perennial favourite with a fighting spirit far larger than his small stature would indicate.
He is the long-time tag team partner of the aging Sammy Kong and is relied on to raise the pace of their tag matches.
He is a Mexican luchadore who wrestles without a mask having lost it in his final match in Mexico.
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows

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W.E.W. Show #31

Main Event

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to W.E.W #31
Tonight's event will decide not one but two #1 contenderships in both tag team action and the finals of the Light-heavyweight tournament.
Elsewhere the fall out from W.E.W #30 has spun out into numerous intriguiing one-on-one match-ups. Enjoy the show!

Match 1: Fortress vs Shin Kedomu
W.E.W's stalwart heavyweight champ opens the show as he takes on one half of the Powers of Pain #2 for the first time.

Match 2: East / West Express vs. Wakai Jyu
These exciting young teams have clashed before, and each time Wakai Jyu have come out on top; Saito & Griggs will be desperate to turn things around.

Match 3: Shiima Ryuda vs Kenzo Honda
These two faced off in tag team action at W.E.W #30 which saw Ryuda & Takano come out on top. Honda will be out for revenge and given the size and power disparity he may well get it!

Match 4: Northern Lights vs Elliot Kingsley & Jack Bryant
Bryant gives the W.E.W fans a look at young lion Elliot Kingsley as he uses his English connection to call up his partner for tonight's match. What a learning opportunity it will be for Kingsley as he faces the tag champs!

Match 5: Ken Takano vs Nihon no Tiger
Nihon no Tiger pinned the MUGA veteran Takano in tag action at W.E.W #30 now they meet in singles action for the first time in this highly anticipated bout.

Match 6: Brian Deakin & Danny Hoskins vs. Dasher Yano & Riki Wada (#1 tag contendership)
Two explosive young teams that have been duelling it out over the preceeding months put it all on the line as they reach for that brass ring.

Match 7: Hispanic Mechanic vs Marvin Williams (#1 contendership)
The finals of an excellent light-heavyweight tournament sees the flamboyant stretch artist, the Hispanic Mechanic, take on amateur stylist and professional hot-head Marvin Williams in a first time clash for a shot at the champ.

Event is up HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUxqX6hKSvs
RESULTS (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Match 1: Fortress def. Shin Kedomu at 13:58 via hiptoss counter, 86%
The match saw Kedomu's crisp, technical striking up against Fortress' brawling and power edge. Kedomu kicked out of the Pain Train 2 at 2.9 and then fought off two more attempts, with energy sapping backdrop counters before going for his own finish, the Kedomu clutch, which Fortress countered into a hiptoss and then covered for the win. A surprising end to the match that just goes to show how much had been taken out of Kedomu by simply fighting off the huge champ, the unexpected counter to his big finish caught him off-guard for the 3 seconds it takes to lose.

Match 2: Tracey Griggs (& Bunta Saito) def. Samoa Kid (& Masa Okamura) at 35:38 via small package counter, 97%
A great match which saw the East/West Express throw everything at Wakai Jyu fairly early, it looked like this may have backfired as Wakai Jyu rallied and kept their powder dry. Both teams gave it everything and the finish came as the Samoa Kid tried to put Griggs away with his Exploder suplex only to be smartly rolled up into a tight small package. The East/West Express will be delighted to have got one back over on their fierce rivals.

Match 3: Kenzo Honda def. Shiima Ryuda at 16:15 via Backdrop Hold, 84%
Honda executed his gameplan perfectly, fighting at his mthodical pace, wearing down Ryuda, andusing his power. Not many strikes thrown in this match as both men fell into a classical rhythm of takedown into limb work. The finish game as a groggy Ryuda was hoisted up into a huge pinning backdrop clutch. Classic Honda on show here.

Match 4: Don Henway (& Long Walker) def. Elliot Kingsley (& Jack Bryant) at 16:57 via running body attack, 73%
I'm not sure I've ever seen quite such an unmerciful beating as that which the tag champs gave young lion Elliot Kingsley. But Kingsley held on and will have earned some fans purely through his dogged determination, toughness and heart. The tag champs sending a clear message ahead of tonights #1 tag contenders match.

Match 5: Nihon no Tiger def. Ken Takano at 19:44 via Tiger Driver, 69%
In a match which fans decried as ultimately too one-sided these two technicians went to work in a fun, crisp contest. The turning point came when a wild roundhouse kick sent Takano to the outside where he then took a Tiger Driver on the concrete; soon thereafter another Tiger Driver inside the ring would put him away.

Match 6: Brian Deakin (& Danny Hoskins) def. Dasher Yano (& Riki Wada) at 18:31 via STF, 80%
Yano started well, stunning Deakin with his gamengiri strikes but then mid-match sensing Deakin was in trouble and that he needed something big Hoskins turned up the heat hitting a stiff powerbomb followed by a very early Tower of London, Deakin & Hoskins smelled blood and went after Yano ruthlessly after that swiftly securing the win with a tight STF. Can Deakin & Hoskins show this kind of smarts and form against the champs when they vie for the title?

Match 7: Marvin Williams def. Hispanic Mechanic at 13:19 via knee bar, 64%
Things turned nasty in this match after a particularly long counter chain saw a frustrated Williams go ballistic, dumping the Mechanic dangerously on his head and then laying in the leather. Somehow the Hispanic Mechanic came back with a strong late rally but Williams showed his versatility switching to a rarely seen kneebar which saw an exhausted Mechanic swiftly tap. The ill tempered Marvin Williams has earned the right to take on the equally short-fused Danny Hoskins for the strap!

Overall Event Quality: 79%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows

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W.E.W NuVu 29 Hibernate at Max


At NuVu 29 the title picture around the Light-heavyweight belt will be clarified in the main event. Elsewhere on the card the heavyweight pecking order is being decided in some huge clashes.

Opening Match: Phil Fernandez vs. Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King)
Fernandez feels that Eurhoffen stole a title shot that should have been his at NuVu 28. Tonight he will be looking to show up Eurhoffen, prove his point and put himself squarely in the title hunt.
Fernandez will rely on his size and strength trying to plant Eurhoffen with one of his big slams and then nail his Vertical Drop finish. Eurhoffen will take any shortcut he can to wear down Fernandez before trying to nail his devastating Spiral Brainbuster or cinch in a quick roll up.

Match 2: Elliot Kingsley & Gin no Ryu vs. Sanjiro Katashi & Miguel Ozuna
Kingsley & Gin no Ryu will want to bounce back from a recent loss and against a thrown together team they have every chance.
Kingsley is quite the shooter and will look to hit his Donnybrook, Gin no Ryu will rely on his varied, technical and junior offence and his deadly B3 backdrop finish. Katashi is as tough as they come and hits a mean exploder, Ozuna is known for his ruthless neckwork and submissions.

Match 3: Minehito Kono (w/ Fumio Nori) vs. Alfonso Alvarez
Alfonso is trying to come back from a series of neck injuries meanwhile Kono will be out to turn things aroundhaving lost twice previously to Alfonso.
Alfonso will use his speed and high flying against the more grounded, technical style of Kono, cornered by Fumio Nori in exile from the main W.E.W roster.

Match 4: New Power Generation vs. Shakes & HANSAMU
The New Power Generation have had their share of run ins with Shakes.
Hamada will look to kick and lock in crisp submissions, his partner Masayuki will match power with Shakes bringing Strong Style against raw American power, HANSAMU is a whirlwind of high tempo offence and a real wildcard in this match.

Match 5: Kozuki Shiimosa vs Alfredo Alvarez
After the Shiimosa & Tsuda feud ended at NuVu 28 both men will look to re-establish their place in the pecking order and one-up each other, but they are against opposition that is at the very top of the mountain.
Shiimosa has hard hitting lariats, and a blitzing offence, he's look to put Alfredo down long enough to climb the turnbuckle and hit his Kozu-Crush finish. Alfredo is probably the strongest man in NuVu and will out-power his opponent and then hit his sit-out Chokelift slam.

Match 6: Michael Becker vs Tarozaemon Tsuda
A first time meeting in which anything can happen as Tsuda seeks to place himself back in the picture.
Tsuda is the personification of violence, a straight ahead buzzsaw, Becker is unpreditable, unhinged but possessed of a huge variety of suplexes and unorthodox offence.

Main Event: Targa Mishi vs. Daiji Shimazaki (#1 contenders match)
This is a rubber match between these two men and is for a shot at the Light-heavyweight title.
Mishi is a brawler, an angry little brick of a man who grinds out results, with hard hitting elbows. Shimazaki is right up their with HANSAMU for flair, flash offence and showmanshp.


Results (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Opening Match: Phil Fernandez def. Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King) at 19:47 via Vertical Splash, 85%
After some early brawling, Ring King interfered pulling Phil out of the ring and tossing salt in his eyes, from this point on Claus began to dominate, working the legs and lower back of big Phil.
But Fernandez' power began to tell and he started to turn things around with some big slams and huge knees and despite yet more interference from Ring King, Fernandez managed to pick up the win in trademark style.
Fernandez has sent a clear message now, it's his time for a shot.

Match 2: Miguel Ozuna (& Sanjiro Katashi) def. Gin no Ryu (& Elliot Kingsley) at 30:42 via side STF, 90%
The match was a hard fought brawl, initially the Silver Dragon and Kingsley managed to isolate Ozuna well, but Katashi showcased his versatility mixing brawling inside and out, with aerial attacks, hard hitting slams and slick submissions.
Ozuna twice reversed Gin no Ryu's B3 finisher and at points throughout the match both teams were saved by the ropes.
the Silver Dragon and Katashi at one point traded STKs and STOs and the match almost finished earlier when a very slick move from first time tag partners saw Katashi release german suplex Kingsley right into position for a side STF in the middle of the ring.
All in all a great match.

Match 3: Alfonso Alvarez def. Minehito Kono (w/ Fumio Nori) at 18:32 via german suplex pin, 78%
A very enjoyable, technical match which saw its share of slick reversals including the very end of the match which had the fans on the edge of their seats.

Match 4: Shakes (& HANSAMU) def. Goro Hamada (& Naoki Masayuki) at 25:11 via Flying Cleaver (CRITICAL!), 86%
A match that saw Hamada get nailed not only by all of HANSAMU's dynamite offense but even saw Shakes try his hand at an assisted shining wizard on Hamada!
The finish damn near knocked Hamada's eyeballs out as he took his second Flying Cleaver of the match, he had to be helped to the back, refusing a stretcher.

Match 5: Alfredo Alvarez def. Kozuki Shiimosa at 16:21 via diving headbutt, 100%
An initial blitz from Shiimosa looked like it was going to be an early night for Alfredo but that blitz was stopped with violent lariat to back of Shiimosa's head.
These men went on to trade powerbombs, nearfalls, last minute rope saves.
Shiimosa kicked out of the Chokelift Bomb and a sitout spinebuster and almost got the win with a powerbomb to STF but Alfredo's power won out and a barrage of headbutts laid out Shiimosa allowing the huge Alfredo to climb the post and deliver his trademark pinning headbutt.
The men continued to brawl after the bell with Alfredo backdropping the groggy Shiimosa, some real heat here, perhaps Alfredo was taken too close to the edge for his liking?

Match 6: Michael Becker def. Tarozaemon Tsuda at 18:45 via creepy choke, 90%
Tsuda is as straight ahead as it gets, he's in there to fight... he seemed to have trouble keeping up with the creepy clown's odd style and unpredictable moveset and was clearly tiring fast.
Becker stretched Tsuda and tossed him around at times like a ragdoll, finally nailing a release tiger suplex right into his patented creepy choke, whispering who knows what god-awful things into Tsuda's ear as he put him out.
The clown wasn't finished, putting an exclamation point on things after the match dumping Tsuda on his head.

Main Event Targa Mishi def. Daiji Shimazaki at 20:11 via falcon arrow, 86%
Mishi managed to dictate the pace of this fight, turning it into a grinding brawl.
His breakthrough came mid match as he caught Shimazaki with a perfect running elbow right on the jaw and then proceeded to stretch and take fuller control.
Shimazaki couldn't raise the tempo and we caught only rare glimpses of his flair, ultimately Mishi ground out the result in the gritty style that has won him so many fans.
The men continued brawling after the bell, with an opportunity for a title shot at stake it seems tempers were running hot.

Overall Event Quality: 88%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

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W.E.W. Show #32

Main Event

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to W.E.W #32
After a long break we are back on the air, picking right up where we left off as Marvin Williams finally gets his hard earned shot at Hoskin's Light-heavyweight title.
Elsewhere we have some thrilling matches and one telling bout with ramifications ahead of the Tag Team title clash at W.E.W. #33

Match 1: Nihon no Tiger vs Hispanic Mechanic
A mouthwatering opening match. The last time these two faced off the match drew a 99% crowd approval rating and saw Nihon no Tiger come away with the win.
This match should set the tone for the evening.

Match 2: Wakai Jyu vs. East / West Express
These two dynamic young teams go head to head in what should be a high tempo bout.

Match 3: Minehito Kono w/ Fumio Nori vs. Shiima Ryuda
Another young lion, known for his never say die attitude, gets the chance to showcase his skills against hybrid stylist Shiima Ryuda.
This is also the first time Fumio Nori has been seen in the W.E.W in any capacity since his banning as a result of the actions of the RO&D faction he was part of, he's been acting as Kono's manager in NuVu, and no-one is quite sure why...

Match 4: Don Henway vs. Brian Deakin
An important match ahead of the tag team title bout scheduled for W.E.W. #33 this singles match sees two of the tag opponents go one on one.
These men have only faced off once before in singles competition which saw Henway handily dispatch Deakin.

Match 5: Ken Takano & Kenzo Honda vs. Powers of Pain 2
The Powers of Pain 2 have never got the better of the no-nonsense technically robust team of Takano and Honda.

Match 6: Marvin Williams vs. Danny Hoskins (c) (Light-heavyweight title)
Williams fought his way through a tough tournament to secure his shot at the title. This match should prove to be a hellacious brawl!
This is also the first time these two men have met in singles action so anything could happen.

Event is up HERE: https://youtu.be/WT75Q8oWAME
RESULTS (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Match 1 Hispanic Mechanic def. Nihon no Tiger at 18:08 via Frogsplash, 85%
The Hispanic Mechanic gets back into winning form as he dazzles with his range of stretches and hard hitting lucha moves, handily dealing with the dynamic Nihon no Tiger.

Match 2 Bunta Saito (& Tracey Griggs) def. Samoa Kid (& Masa Okamura) at 17:39 via Octopus Stretch (CRITICAL!), 100%
An insane match that saw Bunta Saito recover from a devastating mid-match German suplex (CRITICAL!) to deliver an injurious Octopus Stretch of his own (CRITICAL!)

Match 3 Shiima Ryuda def. Minehito Kono w/ Fumio Nori at 25:09 via Northern Lights Suplex, 83%
These two went hold for hold, almost literally. Ryuda gutted it out through some brutal submission attempts to win with a slick Northern Lights suplex.
After the match the shocking actions of Fumio Nori shook the W.E.W. as he announces his re-appearance via some sneaky backdoor shenanigans.

Match 4 Don Henway def. Brian Deakin at 10:08 via Bearplex, 71%
Henway could not have made a more emphatic statement of dominance ahead of the tag title clash... Deakin got taken to Bearplex city.

Match 5 Shin Kedomu (& Dr. Dooley) def. Kenzo Honda (& Ken Takano) at 27:35 via Kedomu Clutch, 94%
A highly competitive, entertaining match.
Shockingly after the match the fan favourite Honda turned on Takano beating him down and announcing the reformation of Neo Blood Gen with Fumio Nori, the former popular tag team seems to be back but with a darker edge!

Match 6 Danny Hoskins def. Marvin Williams at 07:48 via Tower of London, 75%
Hoskins could not have put together a better fight plan, knowing that William's advantage would come if we worked himself up to the point his amateur stylings went out of the window and he started brawling, Hoskins set out to BLITZ the challenger.
Williams is no joke and fought off a field of tough competition for this shot and Hoskins simply destroyed him with the most dangerous finisher in the W.E.W.

Overall Event Quality: 85%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby tigermuppetcut » Mon Mar 21, 2016 9:25 pm

W.E.W NuVu 30 Calling of a Stranger


At W.E.W NuVu #30 Mishi gets his hard won shot at the long time champ Michael Becker. Elsewhere on a stacked card Phil Fernandez will be looking to send a message to Alfredo Alvarez in tag action tonight ahead of his title shot at W.E.W Nuvu #31.

Opening Match: Kozuki Shiimosa & Naoki Masayuki vs. Shakes & Tarozaemon Tsuda
What a way to open the show with four of the toughest SOBs on the plnet battling it out Let's see if the troubled history of Tsuda and Shiimosa, or Masayuki and Shakes comes through.

Match 2: Goro Hamada vs. HANSAMU
HANSAMU blitzed Hamada in tag action at NuVu #29 leading to this match-up, where Hamada wants payback.

Match 3: Elliot Kingsley & Gin no Ryu vs. Sanjiro Katashi & Daiji Shimazaji
Shimazaki and Katashi used to roll together can they find their chemistry again as they face the Silver Dragon and Kingsley. Gin no Ryu and Katashi had a fiery run in at NuVu #29, trading STOs and STKs and this match may build on that heat.

Match 4: Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King) vs. Minehito Kono
Kono will be reeling from his recent betrayal by Fumio Nori, will it fire him up or will his slump continue?

Match 5: The Kings of Castile vs. Miguel Ozuna & Phil Fernandez
In this match Phil Fernandez will be looking to send a very direct message to Alfredo Alvarez ahead of their title clash at W.E.W. NuVu #31.

Main Event: Targa Mishi vs. Michael Becker (c) (Light-heavyweight Title Match)
Mishi overcame Shimazaki at NuVu #29 to earn this shot at the long reigning champ. Will Mishi's grinding, bulldog style see him wrestle the gold from the unpredictable and frankly creepy, clown prince of NuVu?


Results (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Opening Match: Tarozaemon Tsuda (& Shakes) def. Kozuki Shiimosa (& Naoki Masayuki) at 16:15 via Bull's Poseidon, 78%
Shiimosa was battered from pillar to post in this one, Tsuda looking as ruthless and dominant as he ever has!

Match 2: Goro Hamada def. HANSAMU at 22:17 via small package, 100%
Hamada did some nasty work on the outside, landing a stiff piledriver early on the concrete. HANSAMU hung on through stretch after stretch, and mounted a dazzling comeback but he'd lost too much and was too drained allowing a slick counter roll up to defeat him.

Match 3: Daiji Shimazaji (& Sanjiro Katashi) def. Gin no Ryu (& Elliot Kingsley) at 21:51 via Bushido Bomb, 78%
Gin no Ryu and Elliot Kingsley looked to have things well in hand when shockingly Katashi nailed an STK immediately followed by the brutal Bushido Bomb from Shimazaki to put the Silver Dragon down against the run of play.

Match 4: Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King) def. Minehito Kono at 15:28 via moonsault, 88%
Kono worked Eurhoffen's arm wonderfully through the match but the bigger man's weight told, wearing out Kono. Eurhoffen also hit an early Spiral Brainbuster which really turned things around.

Match 5: Miguel Ozuna (& Phil Fernandez) def. Alfonso Alvarez (& Alfredo Alvarez) at 16:45 via belly to belly, 65%
Early on Ozuna was isolated and double teamed by the Kings of Castile, but he managed to slip away and Fernandez and Ozuna returned the favour on Alfonso. Ultimately a smooth and huge belly to belly from big Phil was imediately followed by a slick pin from Ozuna, the continuity of the move leaving Alfonso no time to gather himself and kick out.

Main Event: Michael Becker def. Targa Mishi at 14:01 via captured suplex (CRITICAL!) KO, 71%
This was shaping up to be a great match, both men knocking hell out of each other, Mishi was mounting a strong comeback offence when shockingly Becker caught a leg and drilled Mishi with a captured suplex knocking him out cold! Becker's dominant reign continues.

Overall Event Quality: 80%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby Mantis » Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:27 am

Great Stuff! Good to see the guys in action again :)

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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby tigermuppetcut » Sat Jun 04, 2016 10:48 pm

W.E.W. & NuVu Ceesemania
(W.E.W 33 & NuVu 31: Ceesemania)

Main Event

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to W.E.W. & NuVu Ceesemania!
To celebrate the life of Ceese, W.E.W presents a very special combined NuVu and W.E.W event... Ceesemania. Every title, bar one, is on the line tonight and even Sammy Kong has come out of retirement out of respect for Ceese's memory.

Match 1: Sky Blue <3 vs. New Power Generation
Hamada and HANSAMU coming off a 5 star match and growing beef!

Match 2: Nihon no Tiger vs El Suicida
Tiger got the win the first and only time these men previously faced each other, in a highly entertaining bout.

Match 3: Alfonso Alvarez & Tarozaemon Tsuda vs. Miguel Ozuna & Kozuki Shiimosa
Tsuda will once again be looking for an excuse to destroy his long time rival Shiimosa in tag action, just as he did at the last NuVu event
Meanwhile Alfonso will be out for payback after Ozuna gave him the roughest possible return from a recent neck injury.

Match 4: Elliot Kingsley vs. Daiji Shimazaki
The first time these two stand out talents have faced each other one on one.

Match 5: Dasher Yano & Riki Wada vs Wakia Jyu
A mouth watering first time meeting of these exciting teams.

Match 6: Gin no Ryu vs Sanjiro Katashi
These two men have had building heat for last couple of NuVu events now, will things be settled here or will the beef grow?

Match 7: MUGA X Attitude vs Neo Blood Gen
Ken Takano came out of Sammy Kong's office with a broad smile on his face, in light of Fumio Nori's return he has successfully lobbied for Comet Sataki to be reinstated. VINTAGE W.E.W tag action as two of the most beloved teams clash in a match fans thought they would never see again!

Match 8: The Hispanic Mechanic vs. Danny Hoskins (c) W.E.W Light-heavyweight Championship Match
A first time meeting, the Hispanic Mechanic has been hovering near greatness for the longest time and is back to winning ways... but Hoskins has the Tower of London, the single most devastating move in the entire W.E.W. Can the Hispanic Mechanic capture the belt tonight?

Match 9: Marvin Williams & Brian Deakin vs The Northern Lights (c) W.E.W Tag Team Championship Match
All the momentum is against the challengers, both coming off bad losses including one to Don Henway, but the champs will need to ensure complacency doesn't creep into their mindset!

Match 10: Phil Fernandez vs. Alfredo Alvarez (c) NuVu Heavyweight Championship Match
I hope the ring has been reinforced for this clash, Fernandez has been stalking down the champ for a while now and finally gets his shot at the title, but Alfredo has looked nothing short of unbeatable for the longest time.

Match 11: Shakes & Targa Mishi vs. Claus Eurhoffen & Michael Becker (c) NuVu Tag Team Championship Match
A title shot out of the blue for rising star Shakes and fan favourite and gritty brawler Mishi, you can bet they will be looking to make the most of this!

Match 12: Sammy Kong vs Fortress (c) W.E.W Heavyweight Championship Match
Sammy Kong comes out of retirement to pay his respects to Ceese and challenge the unbeatable, multi-year champ Fortress.

Event is up HERE: https://youtu.be/pH4g6RJC7aI
RESULTS (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Match 1: Minehito Kono (& Hansamu) def. Goro Hamada (& Naoki Masayuki) at 30:22 via uranage, 86%

Match 2: El Suicida def. Nihon no Tiger at 22:27 via reverse DDT > standing moonsault, 96%

Match 3: Tarozaemon Tsuda (& Alfonso Alvarez) def. Miguel Ozuna (& Kozuki Shiimosa) at 28:37 via Spinning Fisherman's Neckbreaker (CRITICAL!), 95%
Something of a flash-win against the run of play.

Match 4: Elliot Kingsley def. Daiji Shimazaki at 20:53 via Donnybrook, 100%
These men continued to brawl after the hotly contested match.

Match 5: Riki Wada (& Dasher Yano) def. Samoa Kid (& Masa Okamura) at 34:34 via Complete Shock, 89%
Wada capitalizing after his partner's finisher, the men continued to brawl afterwards.

Match 6: Sanjiro Katashi def. Gin no Ryu at 17:51 via exploder, 77%

Match 7: MUGA X Attitude drew vs. Neo Blood Gen, 45:00, 80%
An incredible see-saw match that saw both teams throw everything at one another only to fight to a standstill, the old rivalry is instantly rekindled!

Match 8: Danny Hoskins def. The Hispanic Mechanic at 09:49 via Tower of London (CRITICAL!), 69%
THM takes two Towers of London, the second one injuring his neck and ending his night. The fear of that move only grows stronger!

Match 9: Marvin Williams (& Brian Deakin) def. Long Walker (& Don Henway) at 23:49 via Pile-bunker Driver, 92%
NEW CHAMPS! NEW CHAMPS! NEW CHAMPS! Walker got busted open, Deakin was obliterated by Henway but Williams channelled his rage and nailed his finisher in his corner to capture the titles after years!

Match 10: Alfredo Alvarez def. Phil Fernandez at 18:25 via rydeen bomb, 87%
A great fight, Phil had the champ in the worst trouble of his reign but Alfredo mounted a powerful comeback to retain.

Match 11: Michael Becker (& Claus Eurhoffen) def. Targa Mishi (& Shakes) at 24:21 via Straight-jacket Suplex, 79%
The clown syndicate retain, Becker looking as unstoppable as ever.

Match 12: Fortress def. Sammy Kong at 16:11 via double chokeslam, 82%
Sammy Kong came out to a frenzied crowd and gave Fortress his toughest test yet, the champ in real trouble at a number of points. Can other hopefuls see a chink in the champ's armour?

Overall Event Quality: 86%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby tigermuppetcut » Sat Feb 11, 2017 2:12 pm

W.E.W NuVu 32 Sprint Horizon


The NuVu hiatus comes to and end and it seems the down time has not been idly spent as the tag division sees its biggest ever shake up. Two of the longest serving tag teams The New Power Generation and the team of Phil Fernandez & Miguel Ozuna have split and reformed into two new powerhouse teams...

"Shooter Stars" sees the sympatico, hard-hitting styles of Ozuna & Hamada come together, while "Thunder Power" sees the heaviest and arguably physically strongest team ever formed as Masayuki teams with Fernandez.

Elsewhere it's all change at the top of the heavyweight contendership ranks as Shimazaki, who drew with the champion Alfredo Alvarez in their first and only one-on-one meeting, faces Katashi, who has never faced the champ in singles action, for a shot at the title at W.E.W NuVu #33.

Opening Match: Goro Hamada & Miguel Ozuna "Shooter Stars" vs. Team Sky Blue <3
A hard-hitting, strong style new team taking on fan favourites in what should be a fantastic opening match.

Match 2: Tarozaemon Tsuda vs Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King)
A first time clash which has every sign of become a hellacious brawl.

Match 3: Naoki Masayuki & Phil Fernandez "Thunder Power" vs. Targa Mish & Shakes
So much power in this match, we can only hope the rings ropes hold up! Anything could happen as these monstrous teams collide.

Match 4: Kozuki Shiimosa vs Michael Becker (w/Ring King)
A first time meeting in singles action for two of the most dangerous and respected men in NuVu.

Match 5: Elliot Kingsley & Gin no Ryu vs Kings of Castile
The venerable team the Kings of Castile will want to send a message to the two new teams in action tonight.

Main Event: Daiji Shimazaki vs. Sanjiro Katashi (#1 contendership)
A fifth and rubber match between these men and all for a shot at Alfredo Alvarez' Heavyweight title.

Event is up HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZT7Pv_9lfs

Results (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Opening Match: Miguel Ozuna (& Goro Hamada) def. HANSAMU (& Minehito Kono) at 32:19 via kick, 91%
Ozuna and Hamada indicate they have gelled perhaps faster and better than any team before them! HANSAMU was obliterated in this match, valiantly fighting off pins and submission attempts only to finally be dropped by a vicious gut kick, a low key ending to an otherwise great match.

Match 2: Claus Eurhoffen (w/Ring King) def. Tarozaemon Tsuda at 14:27 via enzuigiri, 92%
Ring King's interference ensured this was never going to be a fair fight and Tsuda tried to battle back hitting his Bull's Poseidon and a flurry of stomps but Eurhofen answered with his Spiral Brainbuster and then an enzuigiri for the win.

Match 3: Phil Fernandez (& Naoki Masayuki) ef. Shakes (& Targa Mishi) at 24:34 via Vertical Splash, 85%
Thunder Power loked unstoppable, the only thing more impressive than the beating they put out was Targa Mishi's toughness to absorb so much of it.

Match 4: Kozuki Shiimosa def. Michael Becker at 13:33 via Powerbomb > STF, 75%
A mid-match iron-claw slam on the concrete was a blow Becker never really recovered from as Shiimosa ran rampant, it's been a long time since Becker has taken a beating like that!

Match 5: Alfredo Alvarez (& Alfonso Alvarez) def. Elliot Kingsley (& Gin no Ryu) at 22:47 via Diving Headbutt, 76%
Some nice double teaming and the nigh invulnerability of big 'Fredo saw off the game challenge of the Silver Dragon and Kingsley handily.

Main Event: Sanjiro Katashi def. Daiji Shimazaki at 15:45 via Wrist Clutch Exploder, 100%
Katashi came roaring back from two huge Warrior's Creed legdrops to nail a series of brutal clotheslines into his trademark finish and the fans erupted! We have a great Heavyweight title clash to look forward to in the next event!

Overall Event Quality: 87%
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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby Mantis » Tue Mar 21, 2017 1:22 pm

Good stuff, looking forward to the next one.

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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby tigermuppetcut » Fri Oct 06, 2017 7:37 pm

W.E.W NuVu 33 Alighting Running


After another long break W.E.W NuVu roars back with a number of mouthwatering first time match-ups, as new tag teams , formed at NuVu 32, strut their stuff and the heavyweight title is on the line!

Opening Match: Thunder Power vs. Team Sky Blue <3
The terrifying new team of Thunder Power take on team Sky Blue <3 who were beaten by the other new team of the Shooter Stars at NuVu 32. Thunder Power will be looking to one-up their new rival team.

Match 2: Alfonso Alvarez vs. Tarozaemon Tsuda
Alfonso has his work cut out for him as he takes on the savage brawler, Tsuda. But in this first time meeting maybe Alfonso can use the element of surprise to sneak a win against the odds.

Match 3: Shooter Stars vs. Targa Mishi & Shakes
New team Shooter Stars will be looking to outperform Thunder Power as they take on the team their rivals beat at NuVu 32.

Match 4: Daiji Shimazaki vs. Kozuki Shiimosa
A first time meeting, this has the potential to be match of the night and things could get brutal!

Match 5: Elliot Kingsley & Gin no Ryu vs. Michael Becker & Claus Eurhoffen
The Clown Syndicate will need to be careful not to overlook the eclectic team of the Silver Dragon and his British shooter buddy as they meet for the first time.

Main Event: Sanjiro Katashi vs. Alfredo Alvarez (c) (heavyweight title match)
The long awaited, and hard earned title shot of one of NuVu's unsung heroes; the hardworking and straightforward Katashi. How will he fare against a seemingly unbeatable giant in their first 1 on 1 meeting?


Results (spoilers!)
Spoiler: show
Opening Match: Phil Fernandez (& Naoki Masayuki) def. Minehito Kono (& HANSAMU) at 24:32 via Vertical Splash, 83%
Kono took a monstrous beating as Sky Blue <3 was out powered and frankly out tag-teamed by an increasingly dominant looking Thunder Power!

Match 2: Tarozaemon Tsuda def. Alfonso Alvarez at 11:29 via Fisherman's Neckbreaker, 79%
Tsuda showed just how merciless he can be going right at the smaller man with everything he had and brutalising him, targeting his neck from mid-match onwards it's a wonder Alfonso wasn't seriously hurt!

Match 3: Targa Mishi (& Shakes) def. Miguel Ozuna (& Goro Hamada) at 26:36 via running knee lift, 73%
Mishi & Shakes bounce back from defeat, showing why they were recently in tag contention, with a fierce display against the now 1/1 Shooter Stars. You can bet Thunder Power will be smiling in the locker room.

Match 4: Kozuki Shiimosa def. Daiji Shimazaki at 18:07 via powerbomb > STF, 96%
A great match characterised by some tricky counters by both men but the brutal lariats and sheer power of Shiimosa carried the day.

Match 5: Elliot Kingsley (& Gin no Ryu) def. Michael Becker (& Claus Eurhoffen) at 36:22 via sitout powerbomb, 80%
What a collosal upset, the champs have been beaten, albeit in a non-title match. Becker took such a beating he was getting sympathy cheers from the crowd, unheard of! Becker took something like FOUR Donnybrooks before being put away, and both teasm were saved by the ropes, multiple times. What will this do to the tag division!

Main Event: Alfredo Alvarez def. Sanjiro Katashi at 17:07 via running elbow, 100%
An incrdible match which looked like it might be all over for the challenger in the first 5 minutes, but Katashi dug deep and pushed the champ to his limits, it looked like the champ was saved only by the ropes on a couple of occasions but he fought off a match-ending exploder attempt to nail a running elbow on a battered Katashi for the win and to retain.

Overall Event Quality: 85%

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Re: W.E.W. & NuVu (KoC2 E-Feds) Shows & RPs

Postby Mantis » Sun Jun 24, 2018 11:27 am

Missed this. Could have been a show full of shocks, that main event had me on the edge of my seat!

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