Your most recent sim.

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Re: Your most recent sim.

Postby senator » Sun Sep 10, 2017 9:23 pm

spencer24 wrote:All Killer 282 Results

All Killer 283 Results

Really like the Psycho War between Sid and Ciampa on 282, but man was the top of the card for 283 loaded! That would have been well worth getting a ticket for, no doubt.

Simmed a match between Joe and Lesnar, testing out my new Medium status for Joe. I was a bit concerned that he wouldn't wrestle properly with a lower weight class, but thus far has been beating the people he should, and losing to the people he should lose to.


The reason I bring up this match in this topic is that it was possibly the best FPW match I've simmed to date. Joe and Lesnar took it to each other early on, Lesnar busted Joe open about five minutes in with some ground and pound, hit the F-5 for a 2 count and had a Kimura lock in the ropes. Joe retaliated with multiple boot scrape kicks in the corner, release dragon suplexes, and the centerpiece of the match: a Coquina Clutch that netted a CRITICAL - in the ropes. Lesnar now was in survival mode, and kept fighting Joe off, recovering his breath, and started mounting a comeback, hitting rolling german suplexes multiple times, a few big lariats and two more F-5s to finally finish the match!

TLDR: Brock Lesnar is so overpowered that he can overcome a CRITICAL to win a match.

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Re: Your most recent sim.

Postby spencer24 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 1:16 am

senator wrote:
spencer24 wrote:All Killer 282 Results

All Killer 283 Results

Really like the Psycho War between Sid and Ciampa on 282, but man was the top of the card for 283 loaded! That would have been well worth getting a ticket for, no doubt.

Thanks. The funny part is I didn't even notice it until I was writing out the event card before the show. I had already paired the two together for the match and then as I was filling in their nicknames I was like "Woah!".

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Re: Your most recent sim.

Postby kikrusher99 » Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:36 am

I can believe that Brock could survive a CRITICAL and win.

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Re: Your most recent sim.

Postby spencer24 » Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:43 pm

Been a while since I've posted results in here and now I have switched over to using World. I don't see a thread like this in the World forum so figured I would continue to post here?

The first show switching over from Returns to World was spontaneously done and thus it was the Final Stage of my Best of the Best events which featured the following tournaments all going on: G1 Climax III, Bets of the Super Juniors & Tag Team Classic. The entire series of events was held on Returns right up until the finals when I randomly decided to jump into World. Here are those results:

"The Rainmaker" Kazuchika Okada [+3, 56%] defeated Johnny Gargano [+1, 51.02%] in 12:34 via pinfall following the Rainmaker.

Paige [-1, 40%] defeated Sexy Star [+3, 61.54%] in 13:12 via pinfall following a Brainbuster.

"The Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne [+1, 100%], Tyler Bate [+1, 100%] & Trent Seven [+2, 66.67%] (British Strong Style) defeated Matt Taven [+4, 64.29%], TK O'Ryan [+1, 60%] & Vinny Marseglia [++1, 57.14%] (The Kingdom) in 21:07 via pinfall when Seven put Taven away using a Tiger Suplex.

Tetsuya Naito [+2, 60%] defeated CM Punk [+3, 54.29%] in 14:30 via pinfall.

Seth Rollins [+5, 60%] & "The Lunatic Fringe" Dean Ambrose [+2, 52.50%] defeated Jay Briscoe [+3, 55.56%] & Mark Briscoe [0, 50%] (The Briscoes) in 18:34 via pinfall when Rollins rolled up Jay for the win.

Big Van Vader [+8, 78.57%] defeated "The Knockout Artist" Chris Hero [+8, 55.41%] in 9:53 via pinfall using the Vader Bomb.

BUSHI [+4, 62.50%] defeated KUSHIDA [+10, 57.35%] in 16:31 via pinfall following a Diving Codebreaker.

Rob Van Dam [+9, 65.52%] & Sabu [+4, 55.88%] defeated Alex Shelley [+25, 66.67%] & Chris Sabin [+5, 58.62%] (The Motor City Machine Guns) in 24:02 via pinfall when Sabu put Shelley away with a springboard corner moonsault.

Kevin Owens [+9, 58.18%] defeated The Undertaker [+5, 69.23%] in 9:40 via pinfall using a Cross Arm Driver.

Scott Hall [++13, 78.26%] & Kevin Nash [+10, 85.71%] (The Outsiders) defeated "Die Hard" Eddie Edwards [+9, 57.14%] & Davey Richards [+5, 58.06%] (The American Wolves) in 22:35 via KO following a Jackknife Powerbomb by Kevin Nash onto Davey Richards in the Finals of the Tag Team Classic.

Dragon Lee [+10, 91.67%] defeated FPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Hideo Itami [+17, 71.79%] in 23:52 via pinfall using the Phoenix Plex in a non-title Finals of the Best of the Super Juniors Tournament. These two will now meet again at FPW Pinnacle for the Junior Heavyweight Championship. Fantastic match!

The Big Show [+28, 81.82%] defeated Kenta Kobashi [+16, 68.18%] in 26:01 via pinfall following a Giant Choke Slam in the Finals of the G1 Climax III, arrogantly ending the match with a single foot on the chest pinfall in an epic encounter which I believe saw just the one pinfall attempt during the course of the entire match. With this win The Big Show wins his 2nd G1 Climax Tournament.


FPW Heavyweight Champion: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (3 Defenses)
FPW Junior Heavyweight Champion: Hideo Itami (0 Defenses)
FPW Tag Team Champions: Giant Bernard & Tomko (2 Defenses)
FPW Femme Fatales Champion: Serena Deeb (0 Defenses)
FPW Open Rank Champion: Braun Strowman (2 Defenses)

Current Top Ten Points Leaders

1. Lou Thesz [+38, 77.94%]
2. The Big Show [+28, 81.82%]
3. Alex Shelley [+25, 66.67%]
4. Jushin "Thunder" Liger [+22, 67.19%]
5. Abdullah the Butcher [+19, 74.36%]
6. Kane [+19, 73.17%]
7. Hiroyoshi Tenzan [+17, 74.29%]
8. FPW Junior Heavyweight Champion Hideo Itami [+17, 71.79%]
9. FPW Heavyweight Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin [+16, 78.57%]
10.Kenta Kobashi [+16, 68.18%]

The the first planned show for World just took place as I switch over from my former "All Killer" exhibition events and move into "World Wide" exhibition events.

FPW World Wide #001 Results

Friday, January 12, 2018
9:27 PM

Toni Storm [+1, 100%] defeated Rhea Ripley [-1, 0%] in 19:34 via pinfall following a Jumping Piledriver.

La Parka [+2, 100%] defeated "Sweet & Sour" Larry Sweeney [-2, 25%] in 11:21 via pinfall using La Parkinator.

Al Snow [+1, 100%] defeated Estonian Thunder Frog [-1, 42.86%] in 10:23 via pinfall following a Headbutt Rush.

Edge [-3, 20%] & Christian [+2, 60%] defeated Terry "Bam Bam" Gordy [+3, 61.54%] & "Dr. Death" Steve Williams [+3, 63.64%] (Miracle Violence Connection) in 31:10 via pinfall following an Implant DDT on Gordy by Edge.

Sugar Dunkerton [-2, 40%] defeated Chavo Guerrero Jr. [-2, 40%] in 13:38 via submission using a Modified Figure 4.

Dan "The Beast" Severn [+1, 100%] defeated Hayabusa [-1, 0%] in 19:13 via submission using a Dragon Sleeper. This was a fun contrast of styles as Severn moved forward with throws and submission against the high flying and weapon use of Hayabusa.

Gran Metalik [+2, 100%] defeated Da Mack [-1, 0%] via pinfall.

"The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers [+1, 100%] defeated "The Glorious" Bobby Roode [+2, 58.33%] in 19:05 via pinfall following a Jumping Piledriver.

Zack Sabre Jr. [-9, 30.43%] & Minoru Suzuki [-1, 42.86%] (Suzuki-Gun) defeated Timothy Thatcher [-3, 38.46%] & WALTER [0, 50%] (Ring Kampf) in 21:14 via pinfall when Sabre got a sudden roll up on Thatcher.

Deonna Purrazzo [+1, 100%] defeated Sara Del Rey [+4, 61.11%] in 16:42 via pinfall using a Northern Lights Suplex.

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Re: Your most recent sim.

Postby mr jenzie » Fri Jan 26, 2018 1:02 am


my supersecret project is about to be unleashed on all you poor fools

as i'm now putting together my ROSTERS, i won't say how many, but believe me you will be impressed ..... at how insane i am!

anyhoo, testing out with some more battle royals, did an all female one and it was pretty good ..... did an all male one and it lasted OVER 75 MINUTES!!!

VADER, DIESEL and flipping DASH WILDER went for 70 minutes!

soon my friends, very very soon .....

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