What's your standard card format?

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What's your standard card format?

Postby pseudo310 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 5:51 pm

When you're setting up a show do you follow a certain template or just wing it?

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Re: What's your standard card format?

Postby Old Baby » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:55 pm

This is what I like to do, because it prevents me from blathering on for paragraphs and just focus on the highlights in as few words as possible. I also enjoy going back and reading over my old shows in this format, as opposed to paragraphs that I just end up skimming through anyway.


OPENING: December 2075 from Fire Island, Mercury
- Announcement that both Rock Solid and Defiance had been suspended for actions at GWF VIII.
- In the main event, Omega and Torin Caelum would wrestle for a Galactic title shot at Screw.
- Jeff Rockman and Lex Gambol discussed the recent outbreak of gang-like violence in the GWF.

MATCH: KO Keller (3-3) vs. Moonstrike (2-1)
- Moonstrike accepted Keller's challenge for a rematch after falling to the Paladin Drop at GWF VIII.
- Keller came out of the corner with every intention to put Moonstrike away fast and call it a day.
- Moonstrike took a great deal of punishment but still rebound and nearly got several falls on Keller.
- Moonstrike hit Keller with the Paladin Drop, but this time Keller escaped! What determination!
- Both men exhausted, Keller hit Moonstrike with a spinebuster and got the pin to even the score.
- Winner: KO Keller by pinfall at 17:56 (spinebuster)

BACKSTAGE: Princess Lamika with Commander Sam and Torpor
- Lamika asks for their thoughts after losing to Dorado Sundown at GWF VIII.
- Sam objects, explaining that despite losing the match, it was undeniably a victory for the GWF.
- Sam: "We showed the galaxy that two enemies can find common ground on common principles!"
- Torpor: "On home world, we feed brains of enemies to babies. You win match but we kill you!"
- Princess Lamika and Sam exchanged uneasy glances.

MATCH: Solar Flare (debut) vs. Torpor (0-3)
- The other half of Paladin Power made his singles debut against the popular Torpor.
- Torpor showed more wrestling skill in this match than any of his prior outings.
- Solar Flare was shocked when Torpor kicked out of a Titan Drop at the urging of the fans.
- Torpor almost scored a win after a Torpor Throng but ended up crashing into an empty corner.
- Winner: Solar Flare by pinfall at 7:31 after Torpor missed a big clothesline in the corner.

MATCH: Commander Sam (2-2) vs. Bullwhip (1-0)
- Recap of Bullwhip spitting on Commander Sam after their tag team match at GWF VIII.
- Sam: "With my little soldiers watching, if I can't beat you at GWF IX, I'll teach you some respect!"
- Bullwhip annihilated Sam early in the match, crumpling the hero with FIVE Twelve O'clock Highs.
- Fire Island erupted with cheers as Sam shockingly kicked out, shocking Bullwhip.
- Bullwhip was stunned as Sam recharged and mowed him down with Star Spangled Banners.
- Winner: Commander Sam by pinfall at 9:00 (Star Spangled Banner x3)

MATCH: Santon (3-3) vs. Blacklash (1-1)
- Blacklash insisted upon wrestling Morpheus' opponents, insinuating that they were hand-picked.
- The self-assured outlaw slapped Santon across his masked face and immediately paid the price.
- Santon blasted Blacklash with one crushing move after another, including a ... Trip to Hades???
- Santon tore his mask off to reveal Morpheus as the crowd erupted!
- Winner: Morpheus by pinfall at 10:44 (Trip to Hades)
- No sooner did Refbot's hand hit the canvass for the third time than did Bullwhip storm the ring!
- Humiliated, Blacklash joined his partner in dismantling the co-founder of the GWF, until...
- Omega and Commander Sam charged the ring, driving Dorado Sundown from the area!

VIGNETTE: Skull Mountain, Home of Ricken Prince
- Screams and inhuman gibberings come from the dungeon where Ricken Prince takes a stroll.
- Prince: "Some call my methods inhumane. What a racist concept!"
- Prince stops to watch Galactic Champion Screw being submerged in boiling water by hooded men.
- Prince: "He is mine. Thus, everything he earns is mine. Thus, the GWF is mine too."
- Prince strokes each of the GWF title belts draped over a bust of himself, then eats some m&m's.

MATCH: Wind Riders (3-1) vs. Mensans (1-3)
- The Wind Riders looked to solidify themselves as the top contenders for the Galactic Tag belts.
- The tag team specialists demonstrated early on that they were quicker than the Mensans.
- Unlucky day for the Wind Riders as Trotarus caught Tano coming off the top with a spinebuster.
- Winners: Mensans by pinfall at 5:37 (spinebuster)

BACKSTAGE: Princess Lamika with Omega
- Omega: "I've decided that GWF X, our 10th show will be celebrated with a Galactic title defense..."
- Morpheus arrived on the scene still wearing Santon's ring gear after his match with Blacklash.
- Morpheus: "Are you blind? Now is the time to book the two of us against Dorado Sundown..."
- Omega: "I told you that I think giving a gang like Dorado Sundown the spotlight is a mistake."
- Morpheus: "...and I'm telling you that we resolve this by humiliating them at our biggest event."
- Lamika: "Morpheus, won't some say that you're trying to insinuate yourself into the main event?"
- Morpheus: "...the very thing that Omega is doing by booking himself against Screw!"
- Omega: "That's only if I manage to defeat Torin Caelum..."
- Morpheus: "When has he ever beaten you? Now is the time, Omega, to make an example..."
- Omega: "I will not promote this gang of outlaws! It is beneath the GWF's standard."
- Omega departed, leaving Morpheus eyes ablaze with frustration.

MATCH: Omega (4-2) vs. Torin Caelum (4-2)
- The great veterans met for the third time, with Omega carrying a 2-0 lead in their series.
- It was announced that the winner of the match would face Screw for the Galactic Championship.
- Perhaps the two greatest professional wrestlers of their era put on a third nail-biting match.
- Caelum impressed, but didn't come nearly as close this time to upsetting the former champion.
- The Cosmic War Dance wasn't enough to finish Caelum, but the Tomahawk Thrust was.
- Winner: Omega by pinfall at 13:45 (Tomahawk Thrust)
- As Omega's hand was raised, Blacklash and Bullwhip stormed the ring and attacked!
- First Omega, then Torin Caelum were mowed down by Rustler's Stampedes!
- Blacklash: "Morpheus, looks like we'll see you at GWF X!"

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