[UHZ] Ultimate Hardcore Zone Pro Wrestling [Join Us!]-[Sim & Role E-Fed]

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[UHZ] Ultimate Hardcore Zone Pro Wrestling [Join Us!]-[Sim & Role E-Fed]

Postby UHZProWrestling » Tue Oct 24, 2017 7:11 pm

Hello to the entire community of Fire Pro Wrestling Arena, today I am announcing that the public is opening the revolution of federations in FPW. Today the UHZ is born. Federation dedicated to extreme wrestling and to give the best events in history.

The magic of this federation is the way to give their shows, we do not live. We leave repetitions to the public and write segments and fights recorded in the game FPWW. I know it sounds crazy but it's something innovative

Just see our latest show UHZ: Unrated to understand what we are talking about. You can do this through this button.


Now to what we came we are accepting new talents to join the federation, currently we have a future free show to debut and several Open championships.

No matter if you have not had experiences doing segments and RP's, we teach you how to develop your Gimmick, character, segments and write a quality show. We don't look for professional writers just people who have fun.

If you are looking to enter please send us a private message

Here we leave important facts about the Fed



* UHZ Championship = Vacanty

* Xtreme Rulez Tag Team Championships = Vacanty

* Barbed LightWeight Championship = Vacanty
Ultimate Hardcore Zone: Pro Wrestling
We are the E-Fed Revolution in FPWW.
The most entertaining and active E-Fed of Fire Pro Wrestling Returns.

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