Dojo Of Dankness - Formation stage (Hybrid Sim/Play)

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Dojo Of Dankness - Formation stage (Hybrid Sim/Play)

Postby Lobo Xcalibur » Fri Aug 11, 2017 1:53 am

Greetings, I like many other people on this form, are interested in creating an e-fed while using the Fire Pro Wrestling World (FPWW) Game now available on Steam. I used to be in a bunch of old E-Feds growing up and miss them as a fun writing exercise and I have a love for many wrestling games. That being said I've always had a hard time combining the two, why play a game and then RP for a character I don't quite get to control. I feel by puttin a little more D&D into the GM (DM in D&D) we can have a more beneficial federation.

I feel that FPWW will help combat that point but I also see the benefits to being able to simulate matches (the show must go on.) At the same time people love to be rewarded for their efforts and I think that is something many E-Feds seem to miss in my experience. Many a time have I seen GM's friends be given preferential treatment, and at the same time it is awkward to put a lot of times into RP's to not truly know if you receive anything,

In the end I feel that clear and concise rules onto the government of a hybrid E-Fed would help not only make the people more willing to participate, but also the gameplay aspect can add a big part.

So I'm going to just list out some ideas I have as if it's all planned, at this point anything is up for discussion.

A hybrid Simulation/Play Federation

Working out a hybrid fed seems strange, but I think their is an easy way to build it. I want to start slow and sweet, so we will mainly be focusing on 1 Main Event a month. In a perfect world the participates can get together in the month period when their match is scheduled and record it using something like The added ability to simulate matches means that this is not a requirement, and many matches may be simulations.

What we can do on top of that is feature matches between live opponents and act like they happened in "House" shows earlier than the Main Event. If you happen to be able to fight somebody else 1 on 1 during the month we can use that in the recap along with the Main Event Simulations.

In player terms this means that you have an entire month to RP, have a real match and have a simulated/real match. I've been in weekly E-Feds and it quickly becomes a drag, we should focus on making one really good monthly recap until we get more people on board. I want to do the monthly recap as a way to showcase the best RPG's and Matches of the month as well as keep the upkeep low on the GM part.

In the same time, all of the simulations and matches will be done a week prior to the recap. In this way the player will have a month and the GM will have a week to sort everything out. The GM will also simulate matches between people and post the results to help fill in weekly house matches.

The Dojo of Dankness

Because of the hybrid type style, at this point the Dojo is a small promotion in DoD's hometown of Denver Colorado. Only having a few wrestlers attend on a regular basis doesn't mean it doesn't invite top wrestlers from over the globe to compete. It's broadcast on a monthly Tour Recap which mainly focuses on the Monthly show but also features great matches that happened during the weeks prior.

As of now the Dojo only has one title, The Rare Dankness Championship, as a newly formed title a tournament is planned to crown the first champion.

Player Points

All players start at 180 points, points can be earned by turning in five credits, each of the five actions will earn a credit so that a player can earn 1 point a month if all actions are accomplished.

  • Having a 95%+ Match(Live or Simulated)
  • Submitting a match for house shows
  • Winning a Match (Live or Simulated)
  • Role-playing (for a match or character development)
  • Being in a Main Event Match

At this point I am thinking three weekly matches and then 8 (or more) matches for the Main Event, but obviously this is just a rough plan. To ensure you are in a main event match all you need to do is ensure you role-play on a monthly basis. If you RP you get a main event match, it's that simple.

Obviously we can give extra points for things such as winning a title or doing side-work such as graphic design or announcing work.

Getting over

Beating people is amazing, but getting the crowd interested is even better. In an effort to increase competitiveness all wrestlers will be ranked by an average match rating. Beside earning a point for having a 95% rated match, opponents will be determined by a wrestlers average match rating. This means that building a wrestler focused on winning by quick pins and submissions will not be puched into the main event, we want wrestlers that can draw a good match not a bunch of Goldbergs.

Signing up

Alright, I am panning on introducing a few people that will be the GM's right hand, and a couple of jobbers so that real people have some jobbers to fight. Please only control two characters at max (as in a tag team) at this point.

In the meantime if you want to be apart of DoD please respond to this post with a link to the export of your character (180 points please) as well as a basic background for your character(s)

And finally if you have any thoughts/suggestion let me know, I'm planning on the first month starting August 23rd, so the first recap will be Sept. 27th

Thanks and enjoy yourself!

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