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Re: Broadening our Horizons

Postby jest3r » Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:12 pm

I've been reading through the forums and seeing some of the fracture between the old FPCPP and the new FPCA and I think I have a couple of ideas that may help. I know I'm new here so feel free to dismiss me, but I figured this would be the best place to voice an opinion on the collaborative stuff.

Essentially I think that if we had 3 stickied posts at the top of the FPW Alliance board it would help the organization and administration of the alliance greatly. Now from what I've seen all three of these threads do already exist on the board but they can be slightly buried and not quite titled in an intuitive way to find them. The 3 stickied posts for the top of the thread are as follows

1. Active Promotions in FPWA. This will act as a list of all of the active promotions currently competing in the FPWA. Each promotion can also have a link to their main e-fed page or current event. This will allow for people to easily see where the community shows are and give board members a handy list of active collaborators to work with. This also would allow ARENA to work within the greater FPWA universe, as it would be a cog that makes sense in the greater machinery.

2. Title Holders and Reigns - This will be a handy organization of all of the titles active in the Alliance. It will allow for much easier interpromotional title matches, title merges, and other cool storyline events. Each active promotion from sticky #1 would be eligible to list their active titles and would be responsible for maintaining their own title page. (Maybe each promotions owner gets a post on the thread that way they can handle their own title changes without relying on one moderator of the post, unless someone wants to be in charge of it all). Title prestige and importance would be governed by the communities interest in seeing it defended. For example, if my promotion (the very new) FWW has a World Title and I'm airing a show at the same time as the show of a long time board veteran, chances are more people are going to flock to that longtime veterans show to see the title with a legitimate history be defended. Basically what I'm saying is that title prestige will sort itself out based on the quality of the promotion the title is in, the champion, and the overall card being presented.

3. Free Agents and Negotiations - This will be a place for edits who are currently without a home to go to find work around the FPWA. I think this could lead to some cool storyline interaction within the thread itself as wrestlers are "signed" but it also gives you the option to in storyline "fire" wrestlers from your own promotion but still see them within the greater FPWA universe.

These are the three threads I feel that we as a community could really use and benefit from to create a stronger FPWA, however I did just get here and I'm eager to hear what some of the veterans of this board think about the idea


Potentially as a 4th sticky, a promo's/callouts thread. Callouts being entirely kayfabe of course. This would be to build World level storylines.

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