Voting thread for Battlefront Title rules

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New Battlefront Title rules - keep the old or keep the new? Or both?

Find the old rules and go back to using them!
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Keep the new rules from the ARENA Rising match!
Use both sets of rules!
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Voting thread for Battlefront Title rules

Postby fullMETAL » Mon Apr 02, 2018 10:35 pm

At ARENA Rising, the Battlefront Championship was defended in a last-fall, 8-man elimination tag team match (the person scoring the last elimination of the other team would become the champion, regardless of how many people were left on THEIR team).

Moving forward, should we keep this method of title defense, or should we find and use the original rules instead (which I had completely forgotten what they were, hence the simple "last fall elimination tag" thing at the show)?

Additionally, how should we determine the 7 contenders for the belt in the title matches?
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